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Ami does a special tattoo for a Mike, an old friend and a veteran of the Iraqi war.

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25 Responses to “Miami Ink – Whatever it Takes”

  1. rivi132

    This guy is a liar and his whole story is not true. He used this Marine’s
    death to get on t.v. Cpl Abad was my friend and I was present when he was
    killed in action. Mike Costa was not friends with him and was not there
    when he passed away. We kicked Mike Costa out of our platoon he tried to
    reenlist but the Marine corps would not let him bc he is a horrible person
    so joined the Army. He also popped up on a force recon forum claiming he
    was ex force recon. Please do not feel sorry for this peace of shit of a
    person. He is an compulsive liar. I’m sure if you scroll down other Marines
    who know him will say the same thing. Cpl Roberto Abad was a great Marine
    and was not friends with Mike Costa. If you do not believe me then why
    would Cpl Abad a great marine want to get a tattoo with the army infantry
    badge? Mike Costa is a fucking liar.?

  2. ozzyh2r

    R.I.P. for his friend and thx x helpings us?

  3. tenzin xv

    last thing i see in the video is “die” lool

  4. Dreammystic

    This made me cry. Now thats a real man.

  5. RRy009

    fuck you

  6. pyrosgrl09

    @Lophole Lastly, I do not get fed blindly by everything I see. Questioning
    things and finiding answers is what my major thrives on. So when you say
    the soldier is a killer and the war is for nothing do some research about
    the countries that the war is taking place, and who we are fighting
    against. Media or no media, soldiers need our support and when you say the
    war is just for money and to kill people, you are telling the soldiers that
    they are dying in vain.

  7. sokha326

    “you know..”

  8. ben ten

    fuck get over the fact its war, he doesnt know what it is im sure he just
    went there becasue he thought he was protecting his country you ungratefull
    fucking americans. The point is he good friend died along side him fight
    for their country and he wanted too remember him so stfu.

  9. 25823666

    2:30 …they WHAT together???

  10. seeto888

    ur aussie ay mate haha

  11. RitzDaCracker1

    @SpartanMatt009 haha ya that spot of the body is off limits for guys unless
    your back is already full haha.

  12. Trajiq187

    LOLLL lot of drama.. damn americans TV shows. Thats just ridiculous, sorry.

  13. pyrosgrl09

    @mouloudo First of all, I’m not a kid. I’m a 20 year studying at a
    University applying to go to grad school for Museology. I am far from a
    kid. Secondly, we are not there for oil. If we were there jut for oil
    wouldn’t we just be taking over the oil companies and leaving the al qaeda
    to kill the defenseless? We have oil in North America- way more then there
    is in the Middle East. Why would we be there for just oil?

  14. liam362atc

    i like the fact he is wearing a forty commando royal marine t- shirt :)

  15. pyrosgrl09

    @Lophole One- I do not hate you, since I have never met you how can I hate
    you? Secondly, there were more then one World Trade Towers, in fact there
    were seven. Two went down on September 11, and the Pentagon was also hit.
    Third, “one mans terrorist is another mans freedomfighter” makes no sense.
    A terrorist is someone who only believes in what they want to and turn a
    blind cheek to everyone else. They will kill their own people for what they
    believe in.

  16. martin eike

    @2200BK fuck you kid

  17. Josh Sonnier

    yep…. if he was in the marine corps he would be getting a combat action
    ribbon, not a combat infantry badge…. total fraud

  18. mouloudo

    @pyrosgrl09 you’re there for oil, stop fooling yourself kid

  19. BlakeGoodwell

    he has a tramp stamp! 😀

  20. Elite

    US military invades Iraq and is shooting at–well anything that moves–and
    they get enraged and angry when they lose one of their men. What do you

  21. justin thompson

    This guy is a shit bag…

  22. Bobby WallaceHardy

    Omg that’s was so sad I’m nearly crying :(

  23. pyrosgrl09

    @mouloudo I agree with you (or CBS) that Pakistan is the front of the war
    but it is not because it wants to be. However, that is the only thing I
    agree with you on. It is your opinion vs mine at this point. I do not know
    what country you are from but before you start an argument remember to not
    get any information from Wikipedia. CBS and US Today is okay, but WIkipedia
    is seen as a joke in the academic field.

  24. Mxfire1

    Dude thats NO joke! gtfu

  25. Mcface

    @2200BK what shitty third wold country are you from?

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