Miami Ink – Biohazard Flaming Skull Tattoo Posted by admin on March 24th, 2014 | Comments (25) |

Evan Seinfeld of Biohazard gets a Tattoo of a flaming skull (hell yeaah!) on his leg.

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25 Responses to “Miami Ink – Biohazard Flaming Skull Tattoo”

  1. jackolopolas

    Still can only think of him as Jazz Hoyt?

  2. Johnny oneye

    Evan gettin INK
    big ups from Cali!?

  3. Notis59

    @UsMaLeMan1 Thanks Man, this sounds more like it

  4. Rufat Hesenly


  5. aimanmuh195

    52 people are mothers

  6. SwiftBassBeats

    @xPuff1 when you’re in a professional line of work where you’re around
    clients and such i would stay away from tattoos that are visible so stick
    with some that are concealable like legs/torso

  7. Njutarface


  8. Taypan Erduran

    fat the wuck

  9. DZrache

    @TubyJan I don’t see why people can’t just ink themselves up, without
    prejudgemental arseholes like you pretending to be psychologists.

  10. wex313

    Ok let me give you another example. There is a 5 year old child playing in
    a park, swinging on the swings, going down the slide, that’s normal right?
    Ok now it’s 20 years later and that small child is now 25, a grown man, but
    he is still playing in the park, making sand castles and whatever else.
    What would he look like? Probably a pedophile, or a creeper, and whats
    worse is that my little pony is for LITTLE GIRLS, so that’s 10 times worse.

  11. TDR4G0N

    pvp saaaaaaan

  12. triyan hendra

    ramudeng boso mu le le

  13. Baller527

    Kick ass tattoo

  14. Crazy4Tekken

    @Cetoke You’re the big dumb asswipe making fun of a band that many people
    love and mentioning Bieber in a video that has nothing to do with him. Ughh
    there’s no point in arguing with a troll. I’m just stooping to your dumbass
    level. Next time instead of being an internet asshole why don’t you
    remember “Friendship is Magic!” LMAO! Now run troll, your village is
    missing you!

  15. Luciffrit

    Save up for the trip over there (as well as expenses). Contact Miami Ink
    (should be on the internet somewhere). Contact the american embassy in your
    country and get a visa. Fly over, make contact, get tattoo then return home.

  16. MrSvingy

    well if thats a stu dea then call me stupid but im doing it so to say my
    body my choise if you don’t like it then fuck off

  17. Cetoke

    @logantherocker155 Haha, as if. Avenged Sevenfold is closer to bieber than
    the music I listen to.

  18. Leon Herperger

    “we’re rebels”, ya, like in this day and age where tattoos are the norm you
    are making any statement at all by having an image of death on your leg.
    what a fuckin douche

  19. eakary

    2:07 thought it was chino moreno

  20. GORDON47866

    i would like to have sleeve done by chris garver

  21. MFraley69

    @Cetoke Ah i see, so you “jam out” to Katy Perry then im guessing?

  22. 252ricky

    fuck the world

  23. Rufus Spicer

    @Scum71succer oh shut the fuck up you stupid cunt

  24. Blah Anger

    @SilentWalk18 meh like I said before it’s my opinion, I’m not watching
    these shows any more cause I’m tired of realty shit in the first place and
    the sob stories are getting old

  25. TheUndeadsoldier96

    @WiFiToaster because tattoos rule

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