Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Foundation and Beauty Blender Review! Posted by admin on March 23rd, 2014 | Comments (12) |

I totally forgot to add background music. OOPS! Also, I apologize for the lower quality, but my computer was having issues with HD video :/ All products in t…

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12 Responses to “Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Foundation and Beauty Blender Review!”

  1. Makeup By Siryn

    Okay I tried it with a stippling brush on one half of my face. The texture
    is much better and it looks better than it did when applying with a beauty
    blender (which I still love using for my other foundation) but it should be
    noted that dry patches and acne bumps will become more evident since this
    is a matte finish.

    I’m still undecided if I want to exchange it for the correct color or just
    return it to get something else. ?

  2. HollywoodNoirMakeup

    I still have yet to try the beauty blender. Looks like I’m going to have to
    pick one up now! Great review, Dawn! x?

  3. Melissa F

    I do agree with you on your review on the foundation. The finish is not
    forgiving on people like me with uneven textured skin. (Hope that makes
    sense.) I enjoy seeing all your makeup looks and designs on Instagram.?

  4. mentalmakeup

    Nice to see you back in video. I was wondering if you know of a full
    coverage foundation that does work with combination,acne,scarring skin? My
    skin type seems like its the same as yours and I haven’t found a foundation
    that covers much without caking it on. I would like to find one the covers
    atleast 75% with one layer and then I would go in with concealer to cover
    the rest.?

  5. Daylin Laine

    Definitely paint this product on first. You don’t need to have every spot
    covered but overall, if you paint it on first and then use the Beauty
    Blender to actually blend it through, it works better and won’t set as
    quickly since you have more control of the product initially.

    That product isn’t bad but it’s not the best. MUFE HD foundation,
    Illamasqua Skinbase and Mac’s Matchmaster foundations are all better (just
    my opinion). ?

  6. Boricua Smiles

    So happy to see you back on YouTube, you have been missed! :-)?

  7. CAT4774CK

    Thank you!!?

  8. Jessica Nydegger

    Yeah I agree matching the shade sucks. I like the full coverage for shoots
    but I agree that using any kind of sponge doesn’t really do so well since
    it sets fast like you said. I use this “stippling” foundation brush I got
    at sephora at the time I bought the foundation. It seems to help put it on
    better than any sponge I’ve tried with this particular foundation. Good
    review. Like the honesty.?

  9. Krissy G.

    Hi! Well I never try this before, but some of my friends have and they say
    they like wearing her concealer as a foundation than her actually
    foundation. That’s weird to me, because those tubes are small and I can’t
    imagine going though a tube a week! They tell me it’s not really a matte
    finish, but more of a dewy/satin finish. They really didn’t like that glow
    look, because some of them already “glow” without the foundation. Lol I
    really wanted to try this, but hearing my friends and about 10 YouTube
    reviews (yours included), I decided to keep my money in my pocket. That
    from what I keep on see they don’t really have a lot of shades and I’m pale
    (it’s hard to find foundation in my shade). But I will try the concealer! I
    do have high hopes for that. c: ?

  10. dfregoso

    DUDE you look fabulous!! I am loving your hair like that. I appreciate the
    honest review…sucks to hear that this stuff accentuates scarring. Thanks
    for helping me cross that foundation off my list! <3?

  11. ashley71321

    I found your video today and I just bought this foundation today. I think
    the Beauty Blender works great with this foundation!!!?

  12. Makeup By Siryn

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