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Ami does a classic japanese style Geisha for Candra, a high school english teacher from Seattle, who is teaching in Georgia. For more tattoo clips from NY In…

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25 Responses to “Geisha Girl – Miami Ink”

  1. Tom Harwood

    I can’t believe that it is still segregated in Florida, that is shocking.?

  2. tommygirl20247

    lol that picture was ugly?

  3. mike A

    if this woman did her research she would find geisha girls are early
    Japanese prostitutes ?

  4. Anth150

    Why did he put gloves on twice??

  5. bubbletime1000

    Geisha’s are Japanese prostitutes. ?

  6. Igor Radlewski


  7. komatsubokkuri

    The movie “Memoirs of a Geisha” was quite inaccurate in terms of history
    and how a Geisha practices. Now a long side the Geisha was yuujo (pleasure
    women) who eventually evolved into the highly decorated Oiran (who were not
    only prostitutes but entertainers- though lower in rank than Tayuu). Oiran
    wore what was most fashionable, and even set trends themselves. The Geisha
    followed the fall of the Oiran and took part of their look. If a Geisha was
    selling themselves they would be disowned.

  8. PCKTF

    Does she even realise the picture she gave him was of a man ???

  9. robbiet21700

    Yeah….I don’t think that is accurate at all…

  10. Daniboxed


  11. autumnpixiedust00

    You,sir,must have not read the wonderful book Memoirs of a Geisha. *sigh* I
    spent countless hours explaining to other people who thinks Geishas are

  12. Hatter Reeves

    Yall are some ignorant fucks Geisha is not a prostitute they are are living
    works of art Geisha means artist they were entertainers for the elite
    dancing playing music and games and hosting events some turned to
    prostitution thats NOT the original role of the dancing Geisha girl! geez
    study some history

  13. Ashliee Bailey

    Well, I naturally have pitch black hair. Looks blue in the sun, lol. I
    bleached it with a bleach that came with Splat’s Lusty Lavender. I bleached
    all of my hair and died it 2 days later with Lusty Lavender. It didn’t come
    out bright purple so much. My roots were neon purple, and my hair was
    lavender. :) Now it’s faded to a pink, so I dyed over it with Manic Panic’s
    Cleo Rose Pink. It’s a pink/red color now. :) If you have any questions
    just let me know!!

  14. dksejgo

    do you realise Geisha used to be ONLY males.

  15. Mischa Snow

    Are you trying to say that it’s impossible to respect someone from the sex
    industry? If yes, please take your ignorant comments and shove them right
    back up your ass where they came from. :)

  16. NYItaliano89

    its funny how so many white people are interested in Japanese history and
    culture, guess they forgot about China and Korea, And the funny thing is
    these people that claim to know so much about Japan would look at a Chinese
    or Korean tattoo and assume its “japanese themed” and if somebody gets a
    Dragon tattoo , its automatically Japanese? I hate when people assume that

  17. hofdori

    And you are a jerk writing this offensive world. Orient is mysterious, but,
    surely, everywhere are idiots.

  18. jbjbthatshouldbeme

    I thought gatshas wer prostitutes

  19. Sydney Tallon

    He was really nice

  20. selenia vacirca

    veramente bello. colori stupendi! compliment!

  21. Mischa Snow

    lol. take a deep breath and get off the internet. you’re far too easily
    offended. 😀

  22. gary russell

    glad that lady did not “conform” to all the other people in her town

  23. Richard Chua Kai-Ning

    That’s a sweeeeet sweeeeet tat, damn that koi! Astounding!

  24. LaziAura

    Cool, so, You got a Japanese whore on your back.

  25. Guy Wood

    If she’s not religious and Georgia is full of religous freakazoids, why
    move there?!

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