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Reality Celebrity Tila Tequila Gets Tattooed by Ami James.

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25 Responses to “NY Ink – Tila Tequila”

  1. mikeymike hanna

    lol, the arabik there does not make any sense at all, ami is jewish, he
    probably saw arabik and said ” ok lets fuck this up “?

  2. SgtDonowitz

    Arabic is not a sacred language.?

  3. Ali Murray

    Im amazed they kept Jessica on after the first season. I wouldn’t still
    have my job if I spoke to my boss the way she does.?

  4. zaenb Mohammed

    I am an Arab and there is no meaning for this sentence I am absolutely
    without Manly?

  5. Amine Mouhtaram

    Arabic very nice?

  6. cassy martina

    lol she like i need to walk around topless.. she always has to say
    something slutty lmao?

  7. ??????? ???????

    There is no meaning in which the tattoo written in Arabic?

  8. Sanel Sahman

    that was a sweet tattoo?

  9. sergioqper23

    bugger she is…?

  10. staling2010

    Oh yeah… That shop manager is classy…lol.?

  11. Yana Chernyak

    Tila sounds drunk.?

  12. ilinaeternity

    The shop manager is really… insecure and spiteful. Even if you don’t
    understand someone’s mundane choices in life, have the decency to hold your
    own like an adult and keep your own judgements to yourself. ?

  13. Samuel GBoy

    ye arabic?

  14. jokeinsurance

    Tila Tequila shows us that you don’t have to be white in order to use
    Cultural Appropriation, hahaha!?

  15. SilfortyElement

    thats garbage work. how did they become famous??

  16. nano666

    nooo , the writting has no meaning ..?

  17. mohammad sallam

    the Arabic sentence does not make any sense ……… maybe she used Google
    translator……….loooooooooooooool ?

  18. Bobby Warren

    lol damn shes dumb as fuck?

  19. Deli39Q8

    Did they use Google translate for that tattoo…AHAHAHA! Another thing
    google is bad at!?

  20. lowercase21

    I’m on my way to be a tattoo artist well beginning and I ain’t ever
    tattooing something that doesn’t make any sense Arabic with dragons wtf ppl?

  21. tingtang123

    66,666 views… Illuminati ?

  22. shanan fuller

    fuck this bitch is ugly as fuck and a complete dumb fuckwit to go with it!
    burn in hell ugly cunt?

  23. 0786RICARDO

    What would a muslim think of that?

  24. jillian mcallister

    last time i saw her, it was a porn.

  25. Angelina Lovely

    try hard angelina joile,,boring bla bla

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