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Kat gives Alex a unique tattoo a pin up of Alex! That tattoo acts as a reminder for Alex to always be the woman that she wants to be.

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25 Responses to “Miami Ink- Alex’s Pinup of Alex”

  1. michelle lyall

    for everyone saying her legs look to little it’s because they are turned
    sideways it’s the side profile of them?

  2. Life's A Game

    That tattoo was horrible?

  3. Cameron Faith

    The champain bottle was very off, and the legs looked strange. Over all, I
    think this is one of the worst ones Kat has done. In my opinion, it was a
    horrid tattoo for one to have, though it’s what the customer had wanted.
    She’s the one that’s going to have it for the rest of her life.?

  4. Marie Jacob

    the legs are so tiny because the perspective of the photograph, but even so
    it’s still odd.?

  5. Sabyasachi Bhattacharjee

    Bang her hardddd?

  6. Gemma Louise Hedger

    Honestly I think women can wear what they want, everyone has the right to
    choose how they dress. The only thing that factors in is that the people
    judging that woman for wearing “slutty” clothes, you’re only saying that
    because you have certain views on how someone should dress and you’e making
    the conscious decision to sexualize someone by how they dress. Also, that
    tattoo isn’t that great… ?

  7. Gia Rosarbo

    Pause at 2:11 and the glass of champagne isn’t symmetrical….the stem of
    the glass at the bottom of her hand is way farther to the right than it is
    towards the top.?

  8. otto triance

    that it so vain jeez not a great tattoo either whats up with this?

  9. elchivista18

    Horrible tattoo but I would bang that chick any time of the day :D?

  10. JaySeanDerulo1

    Glass handle not being lined up with the top part…….. Kat 1 – OCD 0?

  11. Aaron Quinones

    can’t turn a hoe into a housewife?

  12. josh604gt

    That’s a pretty shitty tattoo!?

  13. Jay Mail

    holy shit this tattoo looks awful, a 50-100/hr no name tattoo artist could
    do better?

  14. marbledmeat

    Yes I’m jealous of her butt ugly tattoo.?

  15. Hellenrosehart

    The woman, the slut, what’s the difference, eh?

  16. I am a rare

    That’s true. It’s not like it my tattoo. But, if I was that girl, I would
    have been so upset. Most of the time, you can’t trust the person tattooing
    your body.

  17. TimmyRGM

    stupid bitch

  18. marbledmeat

    Lol what a hooker

  19. themadhatter10771

    the tattoo is to remind me to be my slutty cheap self……

  20. DM Battalion

    That glass isn’t line up right with the handle

  21. Jennifer Gonzalez

    Sike Shitttt

  22. Carly MacKinnon

    so to “be yourself” means to be a hooker?

  23. Ciaran Earley

    ammmm…. whore

  24. ChloeKilang

    Alex has really good taste in style. love the crop top

  25. Harlock F.Harlock

    every girl at miami have this kind of big faked boob…

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