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Darren Brass does a special tattoo for divorcee Ivan, who wants something to represent himself and his connection to his children.

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25 Responses to “Miami Ink – A Lion and his Cubs”

  1. Lawrence G

    “impressed by darren’s work” hmmmmm….lies! ?

  2. Rod Kschammer

    shit lion tat. mine is heaps more realistic.?

  3. kristian løvgren

    whats the deal with red eyes on the lion kids xD ?

  4. KourtneyDrewTurner

    haha “a dad lying just chillin”

  5. Puro

    And then he changed his mind and wanted it on his shoulder, did you even
    watch the clip? 😛

  6. arthurtats

    looks like his lion cubs got ahold of his left ear, damn

  7. EliteXtasy

    No, they don’t. It’s a bad tattoo.

  8. Sahel Jade

    the proportions are wrong, the face expressions are lifeless, and the color
    balance is off. the picture in general is of low quality, i feel like he
    rushed through the design layout of it. this is what is so crucial when it
    comes to tattooing someone, if that type of tattoing is not your field of
    expertise, then DONT DO IT. what you are drawing will be on someone’s body
    forever, it is not aeasy decision to make, so neither should the
    preparation for it be both from the canvas and the artist. :)

  9. Josh Begandy

    Ami shouldeve done this one

  10. ?ukasz Waloch

    been there, done that :) helps a lot, this guy is mature and knows how to
    deal with things.

  11. 2200BK

    why not just a family portrait hanging in the living room

  12. AnthonyZ0424

    whats wrong with his ear

  13. puffadderbite

    The lion is very simba cartoon looking,..its not terrible but could have
    been done better.

  14. littleangel1060

    Beautiful tattoo

  15. Theoryhammer

    “Either that or the buttcheek.” rofl

  16. xYourNextxxxxxx

    i love this guy <3…

  17. ????? ?????

    nice story. bad tattoo! satura tattoo!

  18. Shirotaka92

    Lions and tigers in tattoos are so cliche and generic.

  19. yes333yes

    Dudes left ear is tripping me out…

  20. Tijana Lukic

    at least their father think of them

  21. okay

    @42oSt0nerR2187 he said something tyson didnt like

  22. El Acido

    im glad this man will live forever.

  23. xAZAxSyndrom


  24. littlelucifer69

    I might actually consider being affected by YOUR opinion if you used the
    correct form of “you’re”.

  25. 42oSt0nerR2187

    is that dude missin a piece of ear

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