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OPEN FOR MORE INFO~~~*** OMG I feel like I haven’t done a product review in ages but I just HAD to let you dolls know about these amazing new lip stai…

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25 Responses to “Review + Demo| Kat Von D Everlasting Love Liquid Lipstick”

  1. Platinum D

    I can’t wait til Sephora restock?

  2. BeautyLikeMaureen

    They r so pigmented, kate von d we need ur products here in Ireland. Thanks
    for sharing.?

  3. Jaisha26

    Her lock-it foundation is great too. Havent tried the lipstick.?

  4. BeautyLoverShaa

    I’m keeping my eye out for these for when come back in stock! ?

  5. DivinePlaymate

    They r sold out everywhere ugh!!?

  6. TrayTrayBaby

    I live in California and I went to 10 sephoras and was told this is sold
    out in Southern California. I neeeeeeeeddddd this! Sephora said they didn’t
    think the purple color would be so popular. Damn Sephora! Order more now!?

  7. Princess Brittany

    Gorgeous! Do you know how they wear if you put gloss on top? x?

  8. writeserengeti13

    I’m glad I grabbed mine before the word got out to much.?

  9. Fatay Baskett

    This reminds me of the Red Sephora lipstick you did a video on last year. I
    believe it was a lip stain. I still want that! Thanks for sharing this
    video ?

  10. EANDM71

    They’re sold out EVERYWHERE!! I just gave up completely. Bite liquid
    lipsticks come the closest. I like the colors. Sephora’s cream
    lipsticks–the one in Red and Fuschia may come close. But that KVD LUV and
    the Vampira were the two that I really wanted.?

  11. Jay Coleman

    Wow that purple is gorgeous?

  12. gurlnextdoor00

    That purple is a must have!?

  13. lalakittyluv

    They seem like they are like lime crimes velvetines from your description ?

  14. blkbarbie0

    I luv these?

  15. DDORNE01

    Luckly I found L.u.v., I’m just heartbroken that I can’t find Vampira
    ANYWHERE :-(.?

  16. msfeistychick

    I have went to five sephora’s in NYC and yeah :( ?

  17. fellyelly

    Love Love these i have them in every color! Thanks for the review and
    demo! ?

  18. MiOhMai

    Omg! That purple one I must have! ?

  19. Shona Rucker

    Enjoyed your review! Thanks for sharing. Be blessed. :)?

  20. mary jo kinley

    Lumpa lumpa?

  21. lastingfruit

    Aww I was hoping you would have demo all the colors to see them?

  22. sweetness331000

    Great review the luv color looks gorgeous thx for sharing…..Miss your
    makeup videos hope you do one soon!?

  23. prettyinpink9893

    jeez $20?

  24. French Vanilla

    I love the colors but they can reak havoc on your lips. I mean your lips
    need a spa treatment after these babies. I don’t wear mine that often as I
    would like but the colors are lovely. I think kat von d should do one thats
    like the loreal La laque formula just for another finish option.?

  25. Fearless Femme

    Wowo thanks great review?

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