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A really tall built guy on Miami Ink.

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25 Responses to “Miami Ink – Tall Guy”

  1. I lovefuzzycreatures :3

    2:19 yeah thats what she said XD ?

  2. andreas Larsson

    egypt is in africa… . ?

  3. browniesbear

    ermm tall guy short girl?

  4. tonio51979

    Any one can give me an image or link that tattoo from the tall guy??

  5. Sam Wilson

    egypt is in africa… ?

  6. mgblue

    There are no top European leagues for basketball…?

  7. cowbearpigcat

    egypt is in africa freakin meathead?

  8. JumpzSoHigh

    actually its a remake by the looks of it of a ghanian symbol!

  9. Edward Jefferson

    That guy is fucking ripped!

  10. Tardisblue14

    Woah, that’s a pretty intense first tattoo 0.0

  11. harrisonking111

    if u even have any tattoos I bet they’re shit and cliche

  12. abfleks

    egyptian symbols ARE african ones, moron

  13. TheSand Man

    jhon cena?

  14. Hulk16791

    69 hehe

  15. Down0and0up123

    his back is huge!

  16. YHmusicgroup1

    Pretty defined

  17. Aaron Dawar

    Ya, I checked him out. He’s pretty massive. Competes in super heavyweight
    class I believe.

  18. Homosapienman214

    Is his real name Ami?

  19. Belinda Soh

    If i ever get my tattoo i am goin to miami

  20. Bone Wax

    girlfriend logic: “Hes tall so he must have a huge cock”

  21. XDarkR3aperX


  22. Jose Domenech

    Nice tattooss

  23. 2Astute

    well i wish all women look like halle berry, or selena gomez , yummy .. How
    does that feel? you definetly a step down from them

  24. Stuart Smiles :D

    there was no no.

  25. You Jun Choi

    ‘only God can judge me’ is the corniest, cheesiest shittiest motto once can
    live by.

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