FOTM Kat Von D Saint Palette February March 2014 LisaSz09 Posted by admin on March 18th, 2014 | Comments (25) |

Please click see more below for descriptions and links****** Products used: Face- Guerlain meteroites les ors- Guerlain Li…

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25 Responses to “FOTM Kat Von D Saint Palette February March 2014 LisaSz09”

  1. Nikki Hona

    I love the Marc Jacobs concealer brush and would highly recommend it…I
    have 2 one for concealer and one for eye shadow bases…its truly a unique
    shape =)?

  2. 83pavs

    Very pretty look Lisa! xoxo~Peggy?

  3. Marie Hernandez

    Hi Lisa
    You should also try the Real Techniques setting brush for under the eye

  4. Agnieszka Deadwyler

    Not in focus?

  5. saaesxm fhewrebh Amanda Winters

    Hey Lisa I bought the Guerlain primer on last week xx?

  6. johnlovesbridge

    pronounced “lay or” not “lez ors”?

  7. Amy C. aka Amyredhead

    gorgeous natural look ^_^ ?

  8. Regina Smith

    Annoyingly out of focus.?

  9. RadGC5

    I like the new angle you had in your recent video.?

  10. Shana Parsons

    Love Marc Jacobs concealer brush. I use it for concealer and cream shadows.
    Im seriously thinking of buying another one.?

  11. Michelle Kelly

    Hi Lisa, I enjoyed your FOTM video. I enjoy the commentary as you go
    along. I remember you mentioning you weren’t sure how to pronounce, “Les
    Ors.” The way you say it is, LAYZ- OR. You connect the two words when
    you say it, and don’t pronounce the “s” on Ors. Hope this helps. ?

  12. Catawba Cats

    Love these videos Lisa! Are you still using the Skindinavia Bridal Setting
    Spray? Noticed you haven’t mentioned it. ?

  13. iTendToWingIt

    Stay Don’t Stray is my favorite eye primer. The only one I found that
    doesn’t crease on my oily lids!?

  14. Kimberly Falzone

    How did ur too face better than sex break?????

  15. Andrea Lincoln

    Love the look, Lisa. ?

  16. MiryBBeauty

    I think the camera is focused on the background behind you. Your clothes in
    the back looked very clear but not your face :/ Wish I could see your face
    a little clearer, this is a pretty look!?

  17. FamilyMcKee

    lol, how you feel about the cold right now is how I feel about the heat. I
    live in Phoenix, Arizona. It is already in the 80’s and it is MARCH! If I
    lived in a place where it would be in the 80’s/ 90’s for the Summer, then I
    would be okay. However, once in the summer in AZ it is over 110+ daily.I
    will be that person who complains about the heat, but I think at that
    temperature it is more than justified.?

  18. lylvls

    Hi Lisa, so do you use about 3 pumps of foundation each time? I remember
    you said something like that when you did the review for the Shu Uemura
    Lightbulb Foundation, but I wasn’t sure whether you used 3 pumps in total
    or 3 pumps each application. Thank you!?

  19. shelpen

    I guess you had a complete “fall out” with Sigma… :)
    Using MAC brushes again, eigh?
    😉 ?

  20. kenia peralta

    Out of focuse.. work with that! Thanks for the video hun! ?

  21. AnChong

    I normally don’t comment but Lisa your makeup looks amazing on you!?

  22. byapricot mm

    Beautiful as usual lisa, and if u don’t mind may u do a review for bobbi
    brown spot treatment corrector? thank u?

  23. Alisa Ghanaim

    Not really in focus ?

  24. Patricia Freeman

    Lovely as always thanks lisa ?

  25. Amanda Sweden

    Thanks for a great video, as always!
    What shade do you use on your “Guerlain Meteorites pearls”, medium 03??

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