EPIC SEPHORA HAUL!!!! Kat Von D, NARS, Buxom, Hourglass and More! Posted by admin on March 16th, 2014 | Comments (25) |

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25 Responses to “EPIC SEPHORA HAUL!!!! Kat Von D, NARS, Buxom, Hourglass and More!”

  1. Lenette12345

    You look so stunning!! ?

  2. madi L

    That eye cream is 100 dollars !!!!!!!! ?

  3. truebloodish

    Gosh Trish you’re so gosh dang pretty.. .c. ?

  4. Miranda

    Ok I know you have a shopping problem so I probably shouldn’t be saying
    this, but I miss your Bath & Body works hauls when you get candles.?

  5. Natalie Ann

    Love ya trisha!!! ?

  6. OoOoOoOoD

    it is so sweet that she gets embaressed for her shopping addiction. I see
    how happy it makes you though and that is sooo cute to watch!! but I agree
    that there are better things to do with money….you’re a cutie wish you
    the best.?

  7. meechisuarez

    Never apologize for spending money :)! You work hard for it and you deserve
    to treat yourself~?

  8. Msangiewow

    Caudalie is said like coh-da-lee?

  9. MayaMoosX

    I actually love you?

  10. Sam Amanda

    yeah she’s definitely high lol?

  11. Keira Tilsley

    I hope you get to see this comment Trish. I just want to let you know I
    love you for who you are, you’re beautiful and fabulous and you have every
    reason to be narcissistic 😉 because you’re just so great! Fuck the
    haters.. I love you.. Xoxoxo xox ?

  12. Jadabugs12

    See this is when I love you! When you look fab and you have clothes on ?

  13. Grace B

    Love you Trish?

  14. TylaPeace

    Love your videos Trisha, you look so pretty and I wont your flower crown
    <_< ^_^…?

  15. Tayloraesimmons

    I really love your pillows :) ?

  16. Kathleen Grigsby

    You look like you are 16 or18 :-! ?

  17. Monika Guenther

    Ohhhhh my goodness Trisha! You are flawless! :) your so beautiful and
    sweet! You shouldn’t ever have to apologize for shopping. It’s your money
    girl! :)?

  18. KayleighTheGoth

    on a tutorial on your smokey eye please?

  19. Sarah Radcliffe

    Love you Trish <3?

  20. Erin Michelle

    You are flawless trish ?

  21. amberrosebeautyx

    Tanning video!?

  22. catherine allen

    A 28 minute video!! ahhh thank you :D?

  23. Danielle Coluccio


  24. hannah fellows

    Trish u look young and gorgeous???? don’t let anyone tell u that u look old
    your not old your young and pretty???? I love u so so much trish?

  25. PrincessDima

    And trash you look sooooooo young!! don’t listen to what anyone said. You
    don’t even look 26! More like 23-24 haha.?

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