Kat Von D – Esperanza Palette Review – NEW for Spring 2014! * Jen Luv’s Reviews * Posted by admin on March 15th, 2014 | Comments (25) |

Kat Von D does it again! A new palette for spring unlike any other! Includes both unique shades and palette essentials. See up close swatches and hear about …

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25 Responses to “Kat Von D – Esperanza Palette Review – NEW for Spring 2014! * Jen Luv’s Reviews *”

  1. A1nettie 2.0

    great review!! loving them all?

  2. Nicole Mineo

    I love your videos. You explain everything so well!?

  3. savannahandstuff

    Great review!?

  4. SullenxRiot182

    I love your shirt! :D?

  5. Elle Is For Living

    You are never too old for Forever 21! Good video and love how you did the
    swatches. xoxo Elle?

  6. Ania Intuition

    looks like a super cool palette for this spring season! thanks so much for
    the review =)?

  7. purplesparkzzz

    I don’t think I would personally like this pallette but I like this video,
    love hpw you explain things just makea it easy to learn lol thank you jen!?

  8. Its Mrs. Spurgeon to You

    I think Kat’s transition into make up was genius. She’s so talented in
    seeing color combos and makes sure things work the way they should. I don’t
    wear bright colors cause then I look like a little girl who doesn’t know
    what the hell she’s doing. But anyways, this gorgeous but not for me. Great
    video once again Jen!!?

  9. bflyrenee

    It’s so beautiful huh? I love that transition color oh my! ?

  10. Neelia476

    Great review Jen! That palette is gorgeous! Perfect for spring & summer!
    Ofcourse we would notice the difference in our eyeshadow!! ;)?

  11. stampincass

    Hello Santeria! I think that color is stunning (even though I can’t imagine
    ever wearing that dark of a color) Would be interesting to hear the
    conversations on choosing names – Placebo strikes me as just — unexpected
    — for an eyeshadow color. It is a pretty coral though.?

  12. Amber R.

    Oh my gosh Jen, your music is always so fun! I love how you mix it up in
    different videos. That palette looks so great, I would love to pick it up
    but sadly I can’t wear bright colors to my job either :(?

  13. GinaismXO

    This has been in my “loves” folder for sephora for a bit. Thank you for
    swatching it. :-) ?

  14. Chaia Miller

    Thank you so much for moving your arm to show us how shades look as the
    light hits in different ways. Many reviewers don’t do that. I love how
    what’s inside, but I really don’t dig skulls. Maybe I could bedazzle the
    front. :-p?

  15. Mary Smith

    I want! I think it’s beautiful! :) I love your review. I’m glad I watched
    it because I have been on the fence, but I think this looks like a
    beautiful spring/summer palette! Thanks! :)?

  16. Michela Bianco

    Very nice palette :) thanks for the review!?

  17. Heather Conrad

    WOW that is REALLY beautiful!! I might have to splurge and grab that one
    too! :) Would you buy this again? It’s pretty expensive, since you have
    it already do you see that much value in this palette??

  18. TiffanyBeauty101

    I havent tried any Kat VOND Yet’I do not have a Sephora near me and I hate
    not being able to touch before I buy high end Guess I need to drive the QS
    hrs to one. lol?

  19. Lauree Kustra

    Pretty but not for me!?

  20. Kayla LaFleur

    The palette is so beautiful! I do agree that Archangel was a let down. Even
    in the swatches I could tell it didn’t quite have the color payoff I
    expected. Regardless it is a beautiful palette I am definitely wanting to
    invest in!?

  21. Bonnie Martin

    Thanks for the indepth review. I appreciate the extra time you spend on the
    swatches. Also I always feel like you give me all the info I need. The cost
    of palettes aren’t a negligible amount in my budget so I srsly appreciate
    and love your reviews. I gotta say I LOLOLOL’d at the beginning. It drives
    me NUTS to hear each color described “a sort of peachy brownish taupe sort
    of color but like some maybe sorta blueish.” When I’m looking directly at
    the color and can see it myself . I know I’m being kind of a jerk but I’m
    sorry not sorry lol it’s one of my 2 ok 3 pet YouTube peeves!?

  22. sirensidyll

    Girl, you are not too old to shop at that store! I love that t-shirt! You
    always look cute and age appropriate. ?

  23. Kayleigh Wilson

    I want that palette so bad! Nice spring/summer colors?

  24. Michael Kensi

    Such pretty colors ?

  25. 1nicolmarie

    So pretty!!?

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