First Impressions Makeup Review: Makeup for Acne Coverage (Kat Von D, Nars, Makeup Forever) Posted by admin on March 14th, 2014 | Comments (15) |

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15 Responses to “First Impressions Makeup Review: Makeup for Acne Coverage (Kat Von D, Nars, Makeup Forever)”

  1. Kaylin T

    Amazing! I’ve been wanting to try the Kat Von D but I felt like it wasn’t
    yellow enough for me. But it looks like it is on you. I’m very fair right
    now so maybe I’ll pick up a sample of that color :)?

  2. Kimberly Masters

    I have acne and a lot of scars and I work more than ten hours every day! So
    I needed something what covers and stays in forever!
    And I found something <3 the nars sheer glow foundation mixed with the Mac
    Pro longwear foundation and it used Mac studio fix powder! Give it a try
    it's so awesome it's last forever :) ?

  3. Frida Moberg

    I’ve heard people with acne has gotten really really bad reactions from
    using this foundation.?

  4. alaina hebert

    Do you just go into a sephora and ask for a sample of something you’ve been
    wanting to try? Because there are a few things that I’ve been wanting to
    look into but don’t want to spend the money for. ?

  5. Dominic Schuller

    How can someone be so Gorgeous! ?

  6. FlawedWerka

    Your make up looks amazing in the video :D?

  7. Melisaaaaxox

    love ur videos, i have acne as well, and just be carful with the kat von d
    foundation because it broke me out really bad when i used it for 3 days, i
    had to return it, then found out that apparently it gets returned alot
    because of how much it tends to break people out. such a shame because it
    covers amazingly :( ?

  8. thatsohannahxo

    I love videos like these with no sponsoring! it’s good to here a true
    opinion on high end products, especially because I don’t have money to
    waste on them. thank you!?

  9. JackyOhhh

    You look beautiful! ?

  10. Dani Kroll

    That’s not the lightest shade it comes in. The lightest shade is Light42. I
    am (in Mac) NW15 and Kat Von D color Light42 is even lighter than that! If
    you’re super pale like me I recommend the lighter color.?

  11. jennie cat

    Omg i love your hair, i love the Kat Von D foundation its awesome, i love
    watching your videos they are so inspiring and fun to watch?

  12. Victoria Ambrosecchia

    what lipstick are you wearing??

  13. itzeel ramirez

    How old is she.. Shes so pretty.?

  14. niikki ragland

    Gata love Kat Von D, but can’t even tell your wearing makeup let alone have
    acne. Amazing!?

  15. savannahandstuff

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