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Seductress Bridgette gets her claws into Ami as he tattoos her with a beautiful mermaid. For more tattoo clips from NY Ink, London Ink, Miami Ink and LA Ink,…

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25 Responses to “Seductress – Miami Ink”

  1. Tashfiq Alam

    she kind of looks like April O’Neal?

  2. Rock N

    The thing about girls like that is that they are just a tease and he knows
    its meaningless, she ‘s just playing a game and the moment he ever gives
    in, the game is over and she’s on to tease some other guy.?

  3. Crowrunner

    I’m so embarrassed for her. What an idiot.?

  4. assassinnr04

    aren’t mermaids known to seduce man and kill them???????….just remembered
    that from the movie Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides?

  5. CandiMan CanEva

    Im sorry but im just gonna put it out there; Ami is really really sexy!
    Wow…that was awkward but yeah its true ?

  6. Cullen Bohannon

    Dont fuck with Israelis’. Just leave them alone and walk on by. Even if
    they aren’t ex-Mossad or Israeli special forces, they’ll annoy the shit out
    of you with their diatribe on the settlements and Palestinians.?

  7. Leslie Caylen


  8. Adam W


  9. littleangel1060

    I would love to get tatted by Ami!!!! <3?

  10. ania la


  11. Ross Wright

    Omg thats so embarrassing dude she soo wants it !?

  12. Andy Dwarika

    i thought she was cute, but then i changed my mind?

  13. sophiaASPHYXIA

    God she’s fucking annoying

  14. WhyYouFearedTheDark

    Where wil it be? How large? What type? How is your pain tolerance?

  15. Lil'Monki

    desperate ?

  16. SABIRAH Delshay

    Either it’s fake or this girl is way in over her head. Ami isn’t going to
    stoop that low, what is she thinking?

  17. Chuna Fish

    He’s not that tough, he’s just a true professional. Her shit would have
    probably succeeded if she tried that at any other place outside his place
    of business.

  18. Jimz Lopez

    that was an ugly tat. Ami could’ve done a better job.

  19. andy milne

    omg have some self respect woman

  20. FataDragutza28

    he looks like vin deasel :))

  21. cutestuff358

    Jesus! Love the tat but she is so annoying! Yikes!

  22. alyssiaaurana

    OMG! i dont think i can watch the rest soooooooooooooo embarrassing

  23. ddelfao

    She reminds me of Rebecca Black. *shudders*

  24. iiismooo

    she really really likes it

  25. iHandsomeDevil

    Avi Quote from an interview – Miami Ink was 99 percent fake and I’m sorry
    people have to know that. If it was real, I wouldn’t have to walk through
    the door three fucking times so you can capture the scene.

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