Kat Von D talks to Tom Green about tattoos Posted by admin on March 13th, 2014 | Comments (18) |

Everybody tune in to Tom Green Live on AXSTV on Thursday nights at 9pm eastern.

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18 Responses to “Kat Von D talks to Tom Green about tattoos”

  1. hooligangster1993

    i dont have tv, but i’ve got a macbook dahh?

  2. MrBb3k

    Does anyone notice she looks like a younger version of Ms. Kay from Duck
    Dynasty with ink? Or is it just me? ?

  3. Duncan Campbell

    This ugly bitch got fattt. Lol. She’s ugly as shit?

  4. Meetero

    This episode was brought to you by Zenith.?

  5. sirmiklo

    its sad how she fucked her face up so bad…?

  6. Blue2Orange1

    I was really enjoying that, I hope you upload the rest of the interview at
    some point. Thanks anyways. ?

  7. leethomas172

    Thinking you’re really different by not having a TV but making TV reality
    shows…. Fuck off!?

  8. Joe Peace

    I have a T.V. I am using it for a computer screen right now. Channels?
    no…. Project Free tv, Baby.?

  9. oldleekumboozie

    Wow i was just thinking about abandoning all forms of electronic
    entertainment and then i see this video about KVD not watching television.?

  10. mclick13

    Her face looks like an arse complete with anal dreads!?

  11. Ryan Oglesbee

    put up a full interview!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

  12. NotManyDTL

    She is so nice! Ive seen her interviews and she is so humble…?

  13. 4HitsWilystyle

    Tom stop overloading with these 2 minute videos…

  14. Jesse Pinkman

    soooo her way of coping with things is to be ignorant of information? huh??

  15. Kwago Nines

    cool gal?

  16. CJ Rocky

    where can we see the full episodes online? they gotta be on here somewhere?

  17. gamehead91

    Dude did she get plastic surgery? I remember I would crush on her super
    hard when she was on Miami ink.?

  18. XxsprintxX

    I cannot stand Kat Von D?

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