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Ami gives Tina a rose tattoo to remember her grandmother, and fits in some heavy flirting as well.

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25 Responses to “Miami Ink – Filipino Rose”

  1. Juniversal

    I love how Ami was blatantly staring at her tits lol. Don’t blame himt tho.
    She is hot lol..?

  2. steph wanamaker

    i love this show I have been watching it on Netflix and I really like the
    stories behind each tattoo ! +Leelee E ?

  3. Bluesky

    Pinay with the right color, face and body. My compliments to your lola, she
    had a beautiful apo with a beautiful soul that goes with it. Everybody say

  4. EnterANameHere

    Black Jessica Alba? Is that you? ?

  5. 25crazyfool

    damn she is gorgeous?

  6. Fattboy26

    Talk about vandalizing a beautiful body?

  7. Yama Bushido

    “Most guys like Asian women those who don’t are Asian men”?


    it’s spelled..”mi u nibesi”?

  9. Nur Fitri Elyana Isa

    Shes hot?

  10. Rheward Agustin


  11. larika14

    ami is sooo cheeky :D?

  12. Jay Son

    eyes on the boobs while licking his lips at 00:18?

  13. john paul fontanilla

    Lowla :))?

  14. He11cupid

    she is amazing. tattoo looked like shit though to be honest?

  15. Tatt City

    this program is worth watching?

  16. Michael Angelo Macapagal

    Her tattoo says: Me(i) O(u) Ne(i) Be(i) Se(i) not miss universe…although
    the rose made it pretty…

  17. david parisi

    she is beautiful

  18. SykiMedia

    damn… id tap that XD

  19. James Rock

    thats a hot filipina urrrr

  20. lordsloan

    He is divorced lol!

  21. MrCTaylorGang


  22. asslover557

    She so pretty

  23. DinoSir David

    It is “Baybayin” for Tagalogs I think, but definitely not ALIBATA.

  24. James Patrick

    Beautiful tattoo, hot girl, perfect!!

  25. tovolume

    Tina the filipino woman is gorgeous

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