REVIEW + SWATCHES + COMPARISONS | NEW Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks!!! Posted by admin on March 11th, 2014 | Comments (25) |

REVIEW + SWATCHES + COMPARISONS | NEW Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks!!! ************** This is a FULL Review of the NEW (reformulated) Kat Von D Ever…

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25 Responses to “REVIEW + SWATCHES + COMPARISONS | NEW Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks!!!”

  1. kisha kandid koilz

    these are perfect for those who missed out on the holiday collection which
    featured all the shades in mini sizes!! u did an AMAAAAAZING job on this
    video n love the comparisons. now THIS is how u do a thorough review. thank
    you taking the time out to review these for us.?

  2. Asmah Sattar

    New sub. I love your videos. Not to be a creeper, but you give the right
    info on products. ?

  3. louisianamrs

    Very thorough thanks?

  4. chicbeauty83

    WOW!!!!!! Now that was a review.?

  5. C Key

    Great thorough review!!!!!!! AWESOMENESS :)?

  6. SimplyCin

    You seriously think of EVERYTHING! Another superbly thorough review. Thank
    you! I love the matte (chalkboard) finishes of the Kat Von D lipsticks
    which weren’t even on my radar but definitely are now.?

  7. KiKi L

    Excellent Review !!?

  8. Black Pearl

    You have the most thorough reviews. ?

  9. SimpleBeautyBlog

    Thanks so much for this very detailed review! I know you put a lot of work
    into this one and we appreciate you! Now I need l.u.v. And Mau5?

  10. BeautyxFashionxStyle

    This video was everythinggg.. !! Thanks Tina xx?

  11. CrystalLovinMakeup

    Thank you for this thorough review…now I HAVE to buy them, even though I
    had no intentions on getting them ;-)?

  12. kyokitty16

    omg…love these…. i love when you review items because you are so
    thorough. Like even though the video is 20+ mins it doesn’t really seem
    that long because none of that time is wasted on irrelevant things. Those
    swatches were gorgeous, you definitely convinced me to try them. i liked
    the rose nude one, the brick red one, the berry shade and the vampy shade.
    thanks so much for the review…this was great!?

  13. MACaHOLIC22

    Great review! These are seriously gorgeous.?????

  14. potbellypig317

    This was a great review! Thanks?

  15. cynthiachatham

    So glad to hear they are ALL permanent….LOVE them all. Now this is one
    lipstick collection I MUST own ALL of. lol =) Thank you for swatching them
    all. ?

  16. DivinePlaymate

    Yes my first one was outlaw and I fell in love!!?

  17. DaFinestAngie

    Great review. The colors are gorgeous! ?

  18. Lisa Michelle

    Nice review! ?

  19. LeeArmani101

    Nice review. Beautiful colours. I hope theyre available in the UK.?

  20. Robyn Black

    Darling, this video takes the OSCARS. You were a+, covered everything one
    could think of, I liked and commented. Thank you so much for this. This is
    by far one of the best product review I’ve seen. God bless you. Love from
    Costa Rica!?

  21. IntlNC

    What a beautiful makeup look, wow ur are very talented ?

  22. E Mukes

    Great review…just waiting patiently for them to restock. :)?

  23. mscharita

    What lipstick do you have on now in this video??

  24. thefancyfaced

    This is a FULL Review of the NEW (reformulated) Kat Von D Everlasting Love

    There are SWATCHES on the lips as well as COMPARISON SWATCHES to similar

    Please read the description box for some additional details on these
    lipsticks. Thanks!?

  25. LadybugLisa1969

    Great review! Very informative and I love the comparisons and lip
    swatches. I must get my hands on them all!?

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