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Yoji, the new apprentice, wants to get his head tattooed by Garver. Ami isn’t having it. For more tattoo clips from NY Ink, London Ink, Miami Ink and LA Ink,…

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25 Responses to “No Head Tattoos Allowed – Miami Ink”

  1. Krnex k

    the guy runs a business that he put his whole life into, its his shop his
    vision and he does not want to hurt his business which not to mention is on
    tv and is watched by many young and impressionable. people should respect
    the guy that lets you operate in his shop and make money off the
    credibility that his shops name provides you. grow up and respect the hand
    that feeds you if you cant do that then move along and do your own thing.
    fucking disrespectful little Asian cunt.?

  2. Alex Fedorouk

    I like the fact that Ami now works with Tommy of NY Ink and he had his head

  3. Fcuk Gwiggle

    Ami is 100% a piece of shit.?

  4. Randy Wilson

    I understand the business aspect of keeping clean above the neck. It’s more
    professional. However if he wants a tattoo on his head that bad then he can
    find a job somewhere else with the same pay grade. As a viewer I don’t
    really care what happens though haha they’re hundreds of miles from me.?

  5. oman0115

    This is the most hypocritical shit I’ve seen on YouTube?

  6. Yagami Banksy

    so.. did he get the tat??

  7. James Rock

    i think Amis gay heheheh?

  8. 18wpower

    I think ami this time was right?

  9. GoldSocks

    funny thing is that they employ Tommy Montoya now and look at his head!?

  10. ????? ?????

    hahahahah ami ami ?

  11. Jack Hill

    FUCKING PUSSY. Oh my god, most of the artists I know have their FACES
    tattoo’d lmao. Get a grip?

  12. oisam1988

    The guys a prick.

  13. Jack Beam

    this guys a control freak, what sort of tattoo artist threatens to
    fire their employees for getting a tattoo? its a fucking tattoo parlour,
    you cant intimidate people cause you bare a tattoo on your bloody head when
    your whole body is full of them you fucking retard hypocrite.?

  14. Jam Dennely

    tough love?

  15. nadenitza

    Very true.

  16. ToadsMGodes

    Ami needs to stop with the alpha dog bullshit… so annoying

  17. Roman Bachev

    idk from europe and im 18 ….when im in al im going there !!!

  18. Globox822

    dont worry you will find out

  19. Carlo Von Sexron

    I’m friends with a guy who has a head tattoo. Most people think its
    awesome. Some people may criticize him for it, but fuck it, they are in the
    wrong to judge a guy based on his appearance. I know its corny and
    oversaid, but people need to judge people on their character and not a
    fucking piece of art on their dome. Its nothing scary, people just connect
    tattoos to violence and shit since violent people have ink. Their
    granddaddy probably got one in the Navy anyway, lol.

  20. Ray Kay

    yeah but both that asian and ami have neck tattoos there’s a big
    difference, getting a tattoo on your head is far more intimidating that
    having one on your neck.

  21. Budweiser Garcia

    Ami is a douche bag

  22. Satanam Daemonicis

    Thing is people love tattooed girls. At least I do, but I know there’s a
    bunch of people who do so. 😛 But seriously, I’m Brazilian and here people
    are are still afraid or I don’t know what about tattoos. It’s like, if you
    have a tattoo then you’re a murderer, robber and you smoke crack. People
    just can’t understand that tattoos existed for so long, and once were used
    as a way to mark those who were important in society, like pharaohs and
    stuff. I mean, why would you care about others’ bodies?

  23. TheBakersmanCan

    Ami is a very intelligent guy. He’s not being a dick, he’s looking out for
    whats best for his mate. Thats a true friend. Sleeves on your arm and
    Tattoos on you bald head are two different kinds of extremes. Yoji at the
    end of the day can do what he wants but at the end of the day Ami tried to
    protect him from the negative consequences that come with having your head
    tattood. Like he says/implies – you may not give a fuck but society is
    still society and they’ll judge & intimidate customers

  24. Robert El-Adham

    a certain business owner sounded like he needed to step it up in the
    integrity department

  25. Ben Richards

    Don’t get me wrong I really like ami but in NY ink he hires a guy with 3/4
    of his head tattes

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