Carey Hart Inked: Get a Leg Up, Thomas (Full Episode 10) Posted by admin on March 10th, 2014 | Comments (25) |

Season 1 (2005)

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25 Responses to “Carey Hart Inked: Get a Leg Up, Thomas (Full Episode 10)”

  1. aetommyboy

    He turned a Tiburon into a show car? Wow….?

  2. Toria Mcphuck


  3. James Minard

    this show is SO gay. ?

  4. Toria Mcphuck

    What a douche! He had her leg for months before he “felt ready”.

  5. Ira Choi

    Okay since WHEN is “Asian” A language??

  6. Heather Bannon

    HOLY SHIT, how could it take you 55 DAYS to paint that leg. I hope she
    didn’t have to pay for it, because I honestly wouldn’t have. ?

  7. evilsteezle


  8. Yue Yuzuki

    Even an ounce of responsibility will be a major improvement.?

  9. nueveforever

    cause its hyundai? LMAO?

  10. annika flood

    what the hell is up with all of the really tiny tattoos? Why don’t they
    show when they make real art? ?

  11. Zara Franciszka

    the title sequence just screams douchebag
    that guy with the glasses is a total sleeze, asking a lesbian couple what
    their into and flirting with clients, ugh.
    then the guy going around in a car he doesnt own and breaking it? how
    fucking old are you??
    dont even get me started about him keeping the leg. fucking asshole, she
    paid you for that and the outcome after a month of keeping it was
    terrible. ?

  12. Jennifer Maffei

    Sadly this girl who had a hard beginning in life didn’t end up with a piece
    she deserved on that leg!?

  13. iamcrazy

    That girl should have gotten it for free. That’s way too long. No wonder
    people think tattoo artists are retarded.?

  14. Squirrel

    i love Amina!?

  15. chuffa mocco

    10:14 Watch her hand.?

  16. Sasha Vdr

    My god this show is so ridiculously, obviously fake.
    Even that “Diggers” show on Discovery looks less scripted.?

  17. Gabriella janes

    He was such a douchebag ?

  18. JS G

    exactly the type of guy that fucks everything up that makes tattooing an
    art. he’s s only in for cash, the blings, the girls and cars… not
    showing any interests/respect to his customer. totally douche bag to me.
    pretty ugly. ?

  19. IvyTheBunny

    “Asian” symbol. Ugh. ?

  20. Travis Q

    This douche brings disgrace to the whole tattoo business. ?

  21. marimode

    bunch of assholes ?

  22. Bionic PvP

    that was the worst i have ever seen . so disrespectful he did that girl
    wrong ?

  23. BLAZE45

    so they showed ppl breaking in and shit? I was just skipping parts and saw
    it, is this a joke or do they expect us to really believe that happen??

  24. ahoo zarasvand

    he had the leg for months?????!!!?

  25. gothicdragon79

    this is the most worst tattoo show I have ever seen!!! he had the leg for
    37 weeks!!!
    and he did do her leg just a few minutes before she was come to get her leg
    back I have respect for the girl but not for that artist who is in my eyes
    not an artist!!?

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