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Want to see Megan Massacre’s all-time favorite tattoos? Check out her top designs here! | For more, visit…

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25 Responses to “Megan Massacre’s Favorite Tattoos | NY Ink”

  1. Johnny Hernández

    She’s beautiful!!!?

  2. Lou Croker

    The Mum one is really sweet.?

  3. Petr Stuchlý

    wow the force is strong with this one! such a wonderful skill!?

  4. Hippie Shutterbug

    i would love for her to do my next tattoo. <3 i love her.?

  5. Izick Status

    She’s so cute!?

  6. daniel rodrigues

    She’s is the best?

  7. ashley menkel

    She is talented?

  8. operacat21

    She is AMAZING!?

  9. Vetou Meas

    Dude, she is amazing and so cute and petite and person! I’ve met her at a
    convention :]?

  10. rmduarte25

    Gorgeous and very talented!
    greetings from Brazil!?

  11. (????) Kendra_desu (????)

    I used to tune into NY Ink just to see Megan and her hair haha. <3?

  12. Neidfrei

    i bet your tattoos are the BOMB!

  13. nic pistachio

    love love love the day of the dead girl. Megan fucking rules

  14. Tikka Koski

    She looks like hannah the zombie from the walking dead.

  15. 99318LAUREN

    I love this tattoo

  16. Peter Januši?

    shes good

  17. HesDaryl

    she is very beautiful especially her eyes = )

  18. katerinehines

    She was on america’s worst tatoos.

  19. Rebecca Cerrone

    her work is amazing!!

  20. Bethany G

    She’s SUCH an incredible artist!

  21. FinalCurse

    y’d you go naked dude :(?

  22. d34thang3lm

    I would die if she tatted me!

  23. MissFawila

    One more thing – the guy who’s removing my tattoo is getting half of his
    leg tattoo removed because he wants a new design. Once you run of of space
    you need to make some more (joke, of course)

  24. iqmygift2u

    I like watching this show in the same way i like watching freaks of the
    deep or something. this chick has got serious artistic talent and she’s
    making money doing what she loves… like the other artists on the show.
    very cool. But when girls get inked, its like they’re trying to make
    themselves look as ugly as possible, in the most grotesque way possible.
    that demon-thing on her chest…. easily the un-sexiest thing ive ever seen
    on a woman … and i always wonder …. WTF… why?

  25. tumhariadaopemainvarivari

    Megan is my favourite artist on NY Ink. Her realistic touch to her tattoos
    amazes me, how she utilizes details and shading. She is truly one of the
    best tattoo artists that I’ve ever seen. Her work is stunning.

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