Japanese Samurai Tattoo – NY ink Posted by admin on March 8th, 2014 | Comments (25) |

Retired Firefighter Bobby wanted a Japanese samurai tattoo to remind him of the tragic day of 9/11. He was inside the twin tower lobby when the second flight…

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25 Responses to “Japanese Samurai Tattoo – NY ink”

  1. JobenMenjen

    this man is a true hero

  2. Hale Ceasar

    long live you mean

  3. connor mclean

    this mans a real inspiration

  4. nina brajkovic

    respect to him man

  5. IOS Alec

    USA <4

  6. nailartdebutant

    Je veux devenir tatoueuse !

  7. deth752

    I want to make a tattoo

  8. Napoleon Bonaparte

    man, i will tattoo a playboy bunny above my crack, and say it’s a symbol
    for the death of a loved one. this shit always cracks me up

  9. buggles679


  10. nubz4evr

    the hi-5 at the end was perfect just lyk the tattoo.

  11. Joshua Silva

    One of the best ways to tell you story is with a tattoo.

  12. allystatou

    That’s totally right.

  13. Dillon Robinson

    Gonna cry about it?

  14. Alex W.H. Miller

    is this or Miami ink on anymore?

  15. yes333yes

    You’re rude, Mr. Love Dick!

  16. Mara Salinas


  17. yes333yes

    1:07 bombs blow you off your feet, bro!

  18. kakkashin

    Was that crying?

  19. Trae Dillahay

    that’s all disrespect man what the fuck

  20. Richard Love

    No. He implies that the towers were blown up in some government conspiracy
    instead of being crashed into which is retarded.

  21. Liam Smart

    thought ami was in miami ink ??

  22. kakkashin

    That statement alone is disrespectful.

  23. shigurezan

    This touch my heart dearly very memorial episode.

  24. conor wyman

    “not getting religious… I was talking to god” lol

  25. Tevin Brown

    i have so much respect for this man

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