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Hey guys! I hope you enjoy this week’s Friday Favorites & Fooeys! :) Please leave any questions you have below and I’ll be happy to answer them! Also, plea…

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25 Responses to “Friday Favorites & Fooeys 3-7-14 Sleek, Kat Von D, Sigma, YSL, Milani, Etc”

  1. flourishxo

    Coral cove looks so pretty! I picked up dim infusion this week and I love
    it its subtle but still so gorgeous! The YSL lipsticks are amazing! I just
    bought my first in January and they are absolutely stunning I have picked
    up one more since then and love it too…Dangerous!!!
    Thanks for sharing gorgeous :)
    Steph xo?

  2. BeautyChats

    Love your eye look!! And I am DYING to try those Ambient blushes!!?

  3. PrissyandPink

    I’m wearing Coral Cove today and really like it! I didn’t pick up the other
    shades so I’ll be looking forward to that video you plan on uploading.
    Love the Julie G np too! I wish we had a Rite Aid around here. Not all
    shades are available on the Jessie’s Girl website but I’m def. going to
    look for that one. Great faves and loving the eye shadow! Have a great
    weekend! ?

  4. Elle Is For Living

    Oh girl. You are deadly. I have been resisting Sleek but that looks so
    amazing. I am weakening but just placed a Cherry Culture order. I will
    resist! lol ? Elle?

  5. Laurie Richter

    your eye makeup is gorgeous…and I love the lip colour too…and for me
    you resemble Kirsten Dunst and Taylor Swift a bit…have a great day?

  6. Carey Cooper

    I have loved all the Julie G polishes you have shown in your videos! Might
    have to place an order! Have a great weekend!?

  7. Kimberly Enid

    You’re so beautiful! ?

  8. Mary Chavira

    I have got to try Sleek shadows they look gorgeous.?

  9. no1likeme990408

    This weekend I went to the Makeup Show L.A. and bought some great stuff!!
    So, I have been enjoying some new Cinema Secrets eyeshadows and a new Kevyn
    Aucoin blush in Fira!! The blush was recommended by Brianna Stanko and it
    is absolutely GORGEOUS!!! :)?

  10. Zituska

    Great review! Could you please tell me the name of your top on the website?
    I tried to find it but couldn’t. Thank you so much!?

  11. Amber R.

    I got the bronze shade in my Ipsy and I love it! I wonder if different
    colors have different formulation or something, because I have had no
    issues using it as a base, too bad the purple was a Fooey :((?

  12. Carey Holt

    I tried on a bunch of the YSL lipsticks and I agree with your comment about
    the shines being worth it. The formula kinda reminded me of the It
    cosmetics lipsticks I got for Christmas. I ended up not getting anything
    because I just was so indecisive ;( I did like the Volumpte better though.
    I’ve been trying to pull out different palettes this week that I haven’t
    used in awhile like Wet n wild comfort zone, Maybelline color quads etc.
    BTW I placed my first Sleek order too. 😉 ?

  13. Ajones1222

    Hey Leslie hope you have a great weekend! You should check the balm
    overshadow in the color work is over rated its so pretty! Would love to see
    a review or the balm haul :)))?

  14. Melissa Paradise

    Ahhh!! See?!?! I warned you about that eyetini garbage! Haha!! I didn’t
    like it either! I mentioned trying to recreate one of your looks with it,
    but it turned out HORRIBLE cuz of that stuff! I will say, I own a couple
    of the maybelline color tattoos now, because of you, though! :)?

  15. waymire01

    I actually used Dot just last night.. and it was a nightmare. It wouldn’t
    flow from the brush properly, was terribly streaky, wanted to gloop, kept
    oozing down to my cuticles.. just not fun at all. It was like thick and
    runny all at the same time. I put on two coats and was about to take it off
    (which is a major pain because I apply a resin overlay first which would
    have to be redone) when I grabbed a glitter polish and tried that over the
    top.. it helped tremendously.
    I haven’t used my liquid shadow from the Ipsy bag yet.. but my thought is
    maybe it would be good as a glitter base??

  16. txmommyofboys

    I had a fun makeup week too! I played with pigments :) You know what? I
    got that Zoya polish in my Ipsy bag too, and I can’t for the life of me
    find that booger!! I have been very impressed with Sleek makeup too. ?

  17. GalaxyPageantCEO

    Hi Leslie, I’ve been catching up on your videos. Not having internet access
    for a week was not fun! Missed ya!! I have the Coral Cove by
    Milani…still on the fence about it. Got 3 of their new lipglosses (Mauve
    Fetish, Mai Tai & Luminous)…love them! Got 4 of their Power Lip and the
    new baked blush Bella Rosa. I am going to order some Sleek stuff to try it
    too…but I was a bad girl today and ordered a bunch of stuff by The Balm
    on Haute

  18. faeriecrypt

    I bought a Jordana Twist n Shine lip balm stain and a Jordana liner to
    match it (I think the balm is called Cranberry Crush). Very nice product!
    It is nicely pigmented and doesn’t dry out my lips.?

  19. Robin Baccile

    Leslie, I now must have the I Divine sleek palette. I have 3 others, but I
    love the colors in the Garden of Eden palette. Plus I love your necklace
    too. My husband may have a fit, but it’s worth it. lol Robin?

  20. Qtmonkey04

    Your eye makeup always looks so amazing!! Makes your eyes look really
    pretty. ?

  21. sparkleandglittering

    Could u please show your swatches closer to the camera ? They are so hard
    to see the way u do them now . ?

  22. Emily Ramos

    Also really looking forward to the milani rose powder blush review ?

  23. Sue Ratchek

    I don’t know why I haven’t tried julie g polishes yet. Gotta get some.?

  24. LadyLuluOnBeauty

    You’re like a breath of fresh air among all the Beauty Tubers. I could
    hardly watch any other Friday fave videos. They were either one sponsored
    item after another, screeching or talking a million words per minute. I
    think I’m getting old and cranky! Cheers, Lulu?

  25. Lorette Young


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