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To help celebrate his birthday right, Kat gives her good friend Steve O. the best gift of all.. a tattoo. More LA Ink:…

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25 Responses to “LA Ink – Steve O Tattoo”

  1. Lacadien911

    if i see that club perrier thing one mroe time ima get crazy

  2. 123stoopidmonkey

    @Kevbro180 clown college lol

  3. danethaman135

    @SethHesio i get the idea but, you realize double bagging increases the
    chances of the condom breaking

  4. Nolan Harrison

    0:42 Steve-O looked like he was out of it!!!

  5. SethHesio

    @kolyan4ikk r?

  6. ForceOfKarma

    @ThaTRUTH78502934 Yes girls like men with tattoos!

  7. TSSYF

    Impressive he never choked to death on his own vomit. Drugs are bad, mmkay?

  8. T M 1 8 2 !

    @rafarocks123 im sure he throw up somewhere.. but he was to high above from
    there! XD

  9. ben deveau


  10. Lucas Amormino

    @Kevbro180 from a “clown” college…

  11. Jordan Engle

    He’s got Eyes on the back of his back.

  12. Heather146

    @Kevbro180 it was clown college, im not even kidding haha. he showed his
    ‘diploma’ on cribs

  13. nascara911

    @rafarocks123 oh he will…


    @Kevbro180 and jeff i think

  15. Molly Remavich

    Ok, this is NOT intended to be taken in a negative way but I really thought
    steve o would’ve died before the other guys on jackass. r.i.p. ryan dunn

  16. Roberto Laholia

    I bet stevo-o is high as fuck haha

  17. knaxon

    This bitch was made famous from Miami Ink. I saw that she got her own show
    and then watched 5 minutes of it and turned it off its lame as fuck. I
    remember her not being respect in the Miami ink shop cus she doesn’t use

  18. BiGKi11AA

    Hes high as fuck

  19. JayBoy277

    He’s off his fucking head.

  20. DASpuma96

    1,666 videos, DEVI!

  21. diannevisperas

    @SethHesio WAT?! For real?? O>O

  22. Kevbro180

    @anDREWps3085 lolz

  23. ilovespam

    0:27 lol

  24. 27069614

    Jimmy Struthers!?!?! FUCK OUT DA WHEY!!!!!!!!!

  25. emmaissocoollike69

    @theguitarhero1000000 He is still part of the jackass team :)

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