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Hi loves, I had this video edited and ready to go so I figured I would upload this while I’m working on the jelly sandwich tutorial!! That will be up tomorro…

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25 Responses to “Sweet & Sassy Purple Eyes-Kat Von D Esperanza Palette”

  1. April Walker

    I comment on your videos more than anybody I watch!! You make me laugh with
    those bloopers!! Ordered a Lorac foundation on HauteLook for $10! It’s on
    the way. How do you like it? Bought 2 colors for tht price since not sure
    of my color. Excited because not had many high end foundations. Sad I know,
    being I’m 46!! Great videos! My mother n law is mean too! HaHa!!?

  2. Shelly Knight

    Beautiful look :). I just bought that palette. I think I should get that
    nars lipgloss!!! I lovve lavender too?

  3. MissQuirkyChic

    Probably my favourite look. Pretty.?

  4. Comar1955

    Really attractive colors. LIKE!?

  5. Amy Wallis

    Love love love your eyes in this! & and your mum on the phone in the
    bloopers was great =) x?

  6. Roo Bear

    Beautiful look! I know you do nail videos, but you can do make up tutorials
    just as well! I bought most of the products you recommended as your best
    nail products. The seche vite did not work for me. My nails chipped within
    2 days or totally peeled off . I read on “The Small Things Blog” a person
    posted this: “My husband is a carpenter and when he saw my quick dry top
    coat he asked if my nails chipped faster. Surprised, I told him yes and
    asked why. He said that he’s noticed whenever he added an accelerator to
    regular paint it interfered with the curing process and the paint job
    doesn’t last very long. Interesting” So, I’m going back to the Essie Good
    To Go.
    PLEASE more beginner nail looks with tools. My dotters will be here from
    Amazon any day now!! LOVE your instagram pics too!?

  7. Bbymks5

    I really like this look on you! Glad I’m not alone with dog roses…when I
    first saw that, I was like ¿Huh??

  8. Kathy Smith

    Love the look! What can I say, entertaining and informative…bloopers were
    the cherry on the blizzard (t hh e Dairy Queen kind) :-);-):-D<3?

  9. Tina B

    Hi! You mentioned water marbling in one of your recent videos. Can you do
    a tutorial on it??

  10. Joey Emerson

    I LOVE everything about this look! You look amazing!?

  11. sheryl andrews

    Hey Nicole! Beautiful look! Love your cell call bit in the bloopers – so
    hilarious! You rock! ?

  12. Young Wild and Polished

    Sweet & Sassy Purple Eyes–Perfect for Valentines Day…Featuring the Kat
    Von D Esperanza Palette and lots of other new goodies!! Enjoy!! xoxo?

  13. CocoLeileigh

    I like it and that Nars gloss is pretty,too !?

  14. atomicapology

    I really like the lipgloss and liner on you! A fun Valentine look!?

  15. Vanessa Guzman

    Ahh i’ve been thinking about this and you convinced me. : )?

  16. Leilani Kilian

    I love this look! It’s nice to see light bright shadow b/c so many dark eye
    looks and I just can’t make them work on my eyes b/c of my dark circles
    that I can’t hide or cover. Plan to get this eye set tonight!?

  17. Amy Garard

    Love it!?

  18. Diane Sherman

    I love the lavendar lipgloss. Im gonna have to get some now. Love the
    eyeshadow too. Bloopers are awesome as always.?

  19. Angelie King

    and THANKS SO MUCH for a purple look ! ;)?

  20. Marissa Garcia

    PAHLEASE do a review on the new BECCA Ultimate Coverage Complexion
    Crème!!! ?

  21. Dana Schneider

    What did you use for brightening the inner corner of your eye? Was it the
    greenish color eyeshadow? ?

  22. Fabiola Baez

    Nice look

  23. gracekale11

    Looks good! Can you do a “favorite brushes” video??

  24. Tricia Mrkich

    I love this eye look! So beautiful. The green with the purple totally

  25. Ileana Almeyda

    Love the look! And really, Nicole, you cant have scissors near you….
    first it was your bangs and now your eye lashes??? Lol?

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