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More Ink: http://tlc.howstuffworks.com/tv/ny-ink/#mkcpgn=yttlc1 | Watch NY Ink Thursdays @ 10/9c on TLC! | Ami shares the past behind the design that Cory’s …

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25 Responses to “NY Ink- Corey and Ami”

  1. Militia Mack

    You got that right pal !

  2. Bunrith Yean

    u know the show is scripted to have drama right. LA ink drama was so faked
    cus they actually hired actors.

  3. TeddyboyNo1

    Queen Kat,looks down her nose at people,and if they dont fit,they are out
    the door,she does not give people the chance to prove themselves,as for the
    way she treated Corey,that was not on,he came into the shop with her
    begging all the way,he was one of the origional crew and she ended up
    snubbing him,and gave him no choice but to leave,so much for
    friendship,where ever Corey goes he will be an asset to any shop he works


    wow… how does it feel to have both of the top comments? :)

  5. Gsus L

    all episodes should be like this one

  6. Fernanda Cortes

    i love corey miller 3 the best of the world 😀

  7. angryjoy

    @Perplle They all left because of obligation else where not because of

  8. IoViAmo2

    Not going to lie. I love Kat Von D, but I watch this show more..

  9. AnGel Spice

    right at the end it sounded kind of funny with his face expression because
    I could just imagine him sitting somewhere drawing lol

  10. Christer Fredriksson

    @FarrahRose24 No. This is not what tattooing is about…tattooing isn’t
    about selling out to television stations to make a buck…not at all.

  11. Catherine Cameron

    tattoo artists are kinda like bartenders. casual therapists.

  12. Justmeandmystubbies

    What episode is this? Can someone please tell me?

  13. jacksc100

    Ami is ok .but there is just like 1 dude at malaysia . he copy to much like
    ami . he is to tripper. whatever AMI do he just copy it.his now at SABAH.
    fuck that dude .he made my tattoo and still talk people at the back. anyway
    fuck him. his not a men just fuck ass.

  14. Benjamin Thomas

    I wish Corey had stuck around on NY Ink. He was always one of my favourites
    on LA Ink in terms of talent.

  15. cxbra

    @kentao21 No, he’s Israeli and Jewish.

  16. gerardwayluver20

    wow that is so kool

  17. spider1974

    Ami is a poser.

  18. kentao21

    Is Ami black?

  19. frankvonfrauner

    @FarrahRose24 It’s a scripted TV show…


    Love this video, Hit me in the dot too, Subscribe me please 😀

  21. ObjectInnovation

    @Despondency420 there talking about the lifestyle, these guys are real
    tattoo artists and real down to earth people

  22. Ludragon LIL

    Kat shop wouldnt be where its at right now if it wouldnt been for corey,,,
    So over work corey is fuck up on her part an no wonder he quit..

  23. Perplle

    Ami is a Drama Case his Self everybody ends up leaving his shop

  24. Jackson Benyamin

    LA,MIAMI,LONDON INK etc….. all suck compared to NY <3

  25. TheRoroki


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