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READ ME PLEASE ? ? ? [On a PC? Watch in HD] Hey beauties! Thank God for cleaning out my collection so often! Otherwise, I don’t think I could ever use …

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25 Responses to “Beauty Haul: Sephora | Becca, Kat Von D, Marc Jacobs, Stila”

  1. ssarusska

    Are u going to imats nyc? :)?

  2. lisettesbeaute

    Dani that foundation makes you look flawless!!!!!?

  3. Samantha Reilly

    A go go!!!! Lippies sisters!!!!!!!!?

  4. desigal1010

    Love your whole look :) I should check out the katvon d lipcolor?

  5. Leesenia Lopez

    your teeth are beyond perfectly white!?

  6. Frances Costa

    I so agree Dani, we need to get a make up anonymous meeting going on cause
    I’m telling you I can not control my splurges sometimes. ?

  7. nycjillian

    You really need to change the way you do your eyebrows?

  8. Jennifer Maldonado

    Girl yessss that lip color!!! Gorgeous!?

  9. maribel lazo

    I love that lipstick which color and brand is it

  10. Piscoandmartinis

    Love your make up! You take risks and are unlike any other girls that I
    watch on youtube, I’m kinda of tired of seeing everybody wearing the same
    look in every video(brown eyeshadow,nude lips) you are becoming my favorite
    beauty guru?

  11. navywife137

    Ladybird tutorial, yes!!!!! I got a sephora gift card for Xmas and got it!
    Cant wait to see what you come up with! ?????

  12. Mara Fernandez

    Ladybird matte tutorial, please! I own it and absolutely love it!?

  13. MissPrissTiff1

    Your look is to die for in this video, your always gorgeous but even more
    so in this haul! :)?

  14. Kat MomD

    You and samantha reily have the same awesome lipstick!! Do a colab
    together!!! I love the two of you!!?

  15. ShineDeluxePlus

    Gotta have my coffee break! the best RAW first impression ever! Please do a
    demo on the Becca foundation. ?

  16. Connie Wilson

    Dani do you think the Becca foundation would be good for oily skin? I know
    you are normal skin so I was wondering your opinion. Thanks girl :) XOXO ?

  17. meelliemoe

    I think you may have that makeup lover condition where you black out and
    lose track of what you’re getting until you get home. Then you go “I’m not
    sure how this ended up in my basket” LOL Love it! I’m glad those stila
    shadows got into your basket they are pretty =) Interesting experiment with
    the metallic…I love that you did the experimenting for us hahahaha?

  18. littlemissandee

    That lip color looks really nice on you. I want one of those Stila metal
    shadows but I can’t bring myself to spend the $30 for one. I feel robbed!
    Lol ?

  19. notyourtypicaldollface

    You are rocking those orange lips Dani!!! I think I need that in my
    life…Love it! I feel like a makeup addict too…we’re in this together

  20. Patricia Antão

    It’s just sad that when you sell your make-up it’s always “US only” :(?

  21. Elisia Chairez

    Tutorial with the kat von d pallet please?? ?

  22. LilMissKraney

    Been loving your channel and subbed!! Holy Crap girl you are awesome and
    you grew so fast!!! Congratulations!! do you have any tips for new channels
    or maybe can you make a video? Love your personality and honesty!!! xoxo?

  23. strgazr04

    Yes please do a Ladybird palette tutorial! I’ve been debating buying that
    for months. I went with the Stila In the Garden palette instead.?

  24. cheddercheli

    Their gel highliner in ro(coco) is really great from marcjacobs.

  25. lor zarago

    This look is gorgeous on you!
    i’m inspired to rock a bright lip tomorrow! xo :)?

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