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here are the ladies of LA Ink. the artists are, Kat Von D, Kim Saigh, Hannah Aitchison, and the shop manager is Pixie Acia…. Corey Miller is at the shop to…

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25 Responses to “The Ladies Of LA Ink!!!”

  1. shoot454

    I left him a little (eat a bullit new world fag) telling him KAT is bad
    ass,and he cried that we make life not bearable,check out his bio,he is a
    church CHESTER MOLESTER you fag!!!

  2. MagentaMSI

    Mughrabi27 “girls with tat turnoff” people no verb turnoff. Speak English
    fool. You’re either just jealous cuz you’ve got buttface (if you’re a girl)
    or girls like this turn you down (if you’re a guy or gay).

  3. BloodNGutts

    I like their Bettie Page type of sexy!

  4. kajaDenmark

    cool made :)

  5. pikey707


  6. pimpinnevaslipin

    Kat is insane hot. . but Pixie also is pretty as hell. . hard to say which
    is better, none the less. . both could tat. me up :)

  7. HardRokMiner

    I’m pixies soulmate i know it in my heart….if you know her tell
    her….i’m a very good looking guy who’s loved her since i first put my
    eyes on her…..please tell her and give fate a helping hand!

  8. mclosed

    kim’s hot!!!!!!!!! the other girls are pretty

  9. Luca'sJokes

    why…pixie’s tattoos suck’s

  10. pinkxaura

    hannah is so yum :d

  11. chelsey10101010

    i luv pixie and cat there pretty i luv kats tatts and pixies body =)

  12. 26alexther

    Does anybody knows where I can find some pic of Pixie tattos?

  13. Luis Tovar

    chaucer44 are you sick??? i respect your opinion, but i think that girl´s
    with tattoos are so fucking hot and sexy! you should be with a girl like
    that! Peace there!

  14. tarzan3

    there all fucking cuties i love them all and tattooes :)

  15. Andy A

    All of the women in the shop are beautiful but theres just something about

  16. cowensheba

    kat is hawt… she reminds me of christina applegate a bit..

  17. Chanoine Kitsch

    pfffff H-O-T-N-E-S-S

  18. Raafke

    What band is playing the music? I love the riff!

  19. oki marcio

    i guess not…

  20. makelelemakelele

    2:32 – that’s like the cutest thing i’ve seen

  21. chickenball190

    They are hotter than most girls I see on the streets.

  22. kathypiit

    HOT HOT HOT nothing better than tattooed woman

  23. worldsbestaquarium08

    these chicks are hardcore!

  24. Plainmark

    Pixie and Kat are by far the two sexiest women in the world. No question.

  25. MrZixoz

    Pixie is hottest

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