Tutorial Tuesday: NEW Kat Von D Esperanza palette: Spring 2014 Posted by admin on February 20th, 2014 | Comments (25) |

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25 Responses to “Tutorial Tuesday: NEW Kat Von D Esperanza palette: Spring 2014”

  1. Ann Hatfield

    New subscriber here! I’ve been debating whether or not I have to have this
    palette so I was searching it here on YT. I think you just forced me to
    buy it….and the Too Faced blush also……yep, you forced me with your
    perkiness :)?

  2. Traci B

    You stinker! You are just too cute! :)?

  3. Jules of Wisdom

    Pretty look.?

  4. beatrizlovesbeauty

    That palette is so pretty. I’m gonna have to pick it up. I love the spring
    colors. I am so ready for the spring. Love the eye look.. I like the
    combination of the look you did.. I absolutely love your hair. So pretty!?

  5. TheLaLa0825

    Pretty look! I wish I could pull of the brights but I’d prob. look crazy!
    lol ?

  6. Alisa Nicole

    So pretty! First time I have seen this! :)?

  7. April Dodd

    Would love a hair tutorial for this look! It is just precious!!! I LOVE it!?

  8. kelligirl724

    Oops, never mind…I see the color posted below. :)?

  9. Wendie robles

    Love it I want that palette Soooo bad ?

  10. Laurie Jolicoeur

    Ohhh beautiful palette! So fun for spring! I can’t believe I don’t own one
    Kat Von D palette yet…what?! I’ve watched your videos for a while and
    girl they are getting better and better! Great job! Much love, xoxo Laurie?

  11. April Dodd

    Beautiful look and I so want this palette now!?

  12. kelligirl724

    Very springy and pretty. What was the lip color again? You are just so
    happy and easy to watch! ?

  13. Melissa Ziegler

    very pretty look. :)?

  14. LadyLuluOnBeauty

    New subbie here! I have two boys and interested in Esperanza so here I am.
    I just started my own channel last week. Would love for you to stop by. It
    is a great Spring look on you! Will check out your best of 2013 next.
    Cheers, Lulu?

  15. Nikita Pranshu

    Love ur makeup and ur hair.?

  16. JessbecauseIcan Smith

    Kat Von D has some pretty awesome stuff. I usually don’t wear bright colors
    that often but im defiantly going to have to try that. Yeah its super cold
    here…Like its -13 degrees here. Brrrrr?

  17. Heather Wheeler

    I am loving the curly hair!!!! Love ur makeup get ready with me cause u r
    so real and have great makeup! I can’t really afford all the pretty stuff
    so I love to watch it lol?

  18. TwentyThirty GLAM

    This look is sooo pretty! And that palette is gorgeous for sure!!!!?

  19. EyeDesignzByMari

    Girl that’s my holy grail winter essential! I use the grapefruit
    one…Thankfully my allergies are staying put for now but march…April not
    so much. Okay wasn’t sure. Thanks! Xo?

  20. Brad Russell

    Love them curls!!!?

  21. Chitra Pal

    U look soo pretty today, I love ur hair?

  22. Marisela Bennett

    such a pretty palette the minty color looks so pretty on you. Overall you
    did great with creating this look so fresh looking~?

  23. EyeDesignzByMari

    Beautiful! Love those colors…this weather is ridiculous here let me just
    say. It’s freezing today then by Thursday we will be back in the 60’s :0/
    my lips are jacked up from the crazy weather changes. Wasn’t sure how to
    talk to you more about the homeschool…My situation is a bit different but
    would love to explore my options. Thanks so much! Xo?

  24. Glam Moms

    Girl you are soo cute! Love the hair and the look! I keep trying to wear
    brighter colors to trick the weather too LOL it’s -16 here this morning…
    Great tutorial sweetie xoxo Rochelle?

  25. Linni Snupp

    this looks so adorable on you,love the bouncy curly hair :-)?

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