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15% off LA Ink at TLC Store* Newcomer to LA Bryan asks Kim for some special words that he doesn’t want to forget as he struggles to becom…

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25 Responses to “LA Ink: An Actor’s Prayer”

  1. Erin Sayle

    guys, even though he is a model they can cover it up.?

  2. bear012d

    @hadleym5. Good one man, Are you some type of foreigner or can you just not
    speek english?

  3. dallas09nickstackz

    dont get the point how can you show that off. guess u gotta b a fan of leg
    tattoos more for females i think


    @rowibee lmfao i totally noticed

  5. damilkman91

    his never gona get a job with that lmao!!

  6. Yrsa Iris

    Kim is so sweet!

  7. BostonBruins2010

    bull shit… if your a model you cant get a huge bullshit tattoo full of
    words lol

  8. 101arojas

    Crazy spot for first tat lol

  9. Ash S

    They were flirting, lol

  10. F3RR3LL04

    Tattoo are not about showing off, ppl get tattooed for personal reasons,
    and sometimes, just for fun.All ppl are i guess he like it
    there u know..=]

  11. Sherry Guan

    why the hell would anyone get their first tattoo on their hip where no one
    can see it? i mean hes talkin about how important the words are to him and
    he coverin it up? dumb

  12. midas402

    Thats a sick tat!!!!!

  13. falbek

    hey babe read my tatoo and next suck my dick

  14. romblac7

    wat a punk he shud have get tha damn thing on is dick,and act is way to get
    date with her.nice chick that does tattoos com on u cant beat that son

  15. Vimat15

    Can someone (please) respond me a link with the whole prayer (web site)
    with it, i’ll like to read it, i love it

  16. Rowan Becha

    Did anyone else notice that at around 2.16 it says “to be understand”
    instead of understood…but then at 3.25 they corrected it!

  17. natpat97

    awhh he’s so cute :)

  18. WTFJacky

    That Awkward moment when he finds spelling errors on the tattoo haha

  19. TheGunit78

    awesome. Cute kid

  20. peacevangogh

    I Love That prayer…the song even more

  21. asphyXxXia

    He only needs one hand to cover his dong. LOL

  22. Chantelles87

    not a clue… i guess that”s why some tattoo and the rest don’t.

  23. R1313

    hahah thats like a “chick spot”… on the hip/ upper thigh. hahah.

  24. PrelifePreHatred

    First time I saw it I thought it was the Jedi code.

  25. Anna M

    Really weird place for a tattoo on a guy, and painful place for a first tat

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