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After her boyfriend contracted testicular cancer, doctors told Evelyn that they’d never be able to conceive a child, making Lisa’s birth that much more mirac…

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25 Responses to “LA Ink- Miracle Child”

  1. Rachel Jones

    With so many saying that she hates it or that it’s poorly done, I don’t
    think you quite understand the process of designing, redesigning,
    stenciling (if an artist chooses to do so), and finally tattooing, not
    including the healing process included in it as well. With designing and
    redesigning, an artist will continue to confirm that a set design is what
    their client wants, and if it’s not, they redesign it. Some artists prefer
    not to stencil any of their work, or only part of their work, so with
    stenciling, it’s honestly up to the artist. Once the placement is picked,
    the artist asks again if the client likes both placement and design. If the
    client does, the machine and ink are brought out and a tattoo is being
    born. If not, the artist will start from scratch, either completely
    redesigning the artwork, or repositioning the work on the client. Plus the
    artist has to work with the swelling that comes with working on skin, along
    with many other issues that come along with any work done to the human
    We as “viewers” may not always see this process but I can assure you that
    it is still happening, just behind the scenes. ?

  2. manbearwolflion

    @qfina in all honesty.. i have been watching these for a while… and
    yeah… the sob storys get a bit .. annoying….

  3. darkestnight128

    I’m happy to see someone getting a tattoo with meaning rather than just for
    the hell of it….that’s is a very special miracle :)

  4. Mrscuite

    it’s cool!!

  5. Yrsa Iris

    aw cute!

  6. CyberHarpie666

    I thought she wanted the blossoms to be white….

  7. C00chieSmash

    that looks like a real fucking handprint

  8. cookiehmonster

    Awww I agree it should have been both hands, but nevertheless it’s a
    beautiful tattoo, I pray for her husband <3

  9. supernatt924

    0:37 she SPECIFICALLY said, “really small.” so why the fuck does she have a
    GIANT handprint

  10. 7sins18

    i think liseth

  11. andrex1212

    What a dick… I hope you never reproduce; pretty sure we don’t need any
    more dicks like you on this planet.

  12. kyle buyg

    @MICHINATOR1 Okay, well commercials make youtube free, so if you wanna pay
    $15 a month , than be my guess.

  13. amberlovely1

    @oPooleyo Well, they might have cut it out, but she couldn’t talked her out
    of white cause white is hard to do in tattoo work when it’s all over color,
    I believe.

  14. Adam Bhame

    Testicular cancer? Thats gotta be a bitch to the face x11…

  15. D. Smith

    i’d be proud of that mexican baby too

  16. TheJonRom

    then get adblockr plus.

  17. andrex1212

    Wow… there’s actually a commercial blocker!? You are a life saver man…
    I clearly don’t look into Chrome add-ons enough huh? Thanks man!

  18. chuie14ify

    love tat

  19. bmrcutiepie

    “Oh my gosh”… this will forever be on my back… shit

  20. GetMurked88

    @darkestnight128 lol ok do you ever wonder if maybe she was hooking up with
    someone else? think

  21. toddthecat

    lol he had ball cancer

  22. WoolehSocks

    Thats a really beautiful tattoo and idea.

  23. 93hellsoldier


  24. wewillneverdiealone6

    wow my mom did the same thing but with my feet.

  25. GetMurked88

    @wayloo18 of course, it is still her child. im not saying that she did, but
    there is also a good chance she did since her husband was suppose to be
    possibily sterile. she could have easliy just lied and feels no remorse but
    ehh who really knows but her im just putting that out there.

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