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Adam visits Ami for a Koi fish to help inspire him in his battle to walk again.

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25 Responses to “Miami Ink – Koi Fish Dragon”

  1. Nedelin shopev`

    Goood tatoo !!!!1

  2. Takitaki

    what a cool tattoo, I want.

  3. nick antonellos

    thats maddd, im 15 got my 1st tat 3 weeks ago love everything about them

  4. Sullzy

    Im only really adding to what you’ve already said. In the Asian culture Koi
    Fish swimming upstream at the yellow river represents them swimming up to
    the Dragons Gate where mythology says they would become Dragons. In this
    case the Koi represents its own strength and determination to overcome
    obstacles to reach its goal of becoming something more. Which in all
    fairness relates very much to this guys situation.

  5. linusro93

    who clicked the dislike button?… Thats such a douche move..

  6. fero6990

    ahaha how bad would that of looked a dude being taken away in a ambulance
    coming outa a tattoo shop

  7. awshot

    when i get my tattoo, i want it done with them… theyre really cool artists

  8. johanna rendón

    best of miami ink tattoos in the world a greeting from Colombia for all,
    amy, chris, Garver jojy, kat, son lo mejor cuidense darren a kiss and a hug
    I am a loyal fan of you bye aki in Colombia

  9. Sarah Crowley

    I just got my first one, and I’m 23. Lack of funds, you know. (and yes,
    bassists really DO do it better.)

  10. Anton Raphael


  11. ThousandRoseBurial

    Badass Tatoo!!!!!

  12. Jarrad J

    you don’t need a tattoo in order to keep a memory with you forever, do a
    fucken artwork or something else, why put ink under your skin, when your 60
    and wrinkly tattoes will look so stupid

  13. titanlock

    do i know you? you sound like my mother in law, always judging i was
    offering an opinion, you were just being under humanity, kthxbai

  14. Rosemary Garcia

    my pin :328475ed hit me up

  15. D Ign

    i’m also going for a koi dragon i think. it’s either that or just the koi.
    i will take it when i achieve a certain goal so i still have a couple o
    years to think. i like how the dragon head shows the transformation alrdy.
    it’s gnna be on my calf in black n gray with maybe a bit of colour in it.
    some red scales would be cool in contrast with black i think.

  16. emrd5

    we want you in Turkey. pls

  17. S0630

    Like my step-sister says, you only get one life, do it up!

  18. shaunosullivan111

    that is a mean looking fish!

  19. Michael Larson

    @1337mikev i totally get where youre coming from

  20. dushikorsou dushi

    that one awesome tattoe

  21. TheDawsonscreekfan

    Fuck i want a koi fish tatoo so bad.

  22. mohamad021


  23. Milkbottlekid

    Pretty amazing. 😐

  24. Keith Wilkens


  25. Helen Scothern

    @nicolesamsonite AAAHHHH sorry hun, clearly i cant type, i meant to say
    “different places arent so bad, like thigh.” my thigh didnt hurt, its just
    like a scratching feeling. nothing to worry about :) enjoy!

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