Tutorial: Matte Browns Using Kat Von D Lady Bird palette! Posted by admin on February 10th, 2014 | Comments (14) |

Products used: ELF eye lid primer Kat Von D lady bird palette Colors used: Vaspertine, Renholder, Wolf & Siouxsie-Sioux Urban decay 24/7 liner in perversion …

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14 Responses to “Tutorial: Matte Browns Using Kat Von D Lady Bird palette!”

  1. SullenxRiot182

    I love that palette, I need to use it more!?

  2. YoungMrsHealthy

    Love your eyes :)?

  3. Ashley Hall

    Soiuxsie-Sioux is pronounced Susie-Sue I believe :) ?

  4. Ashley Arboleda

    Hey kailyn I love your videos specifically your tutorials and I just want
    the best for you pleasee don’t take this the wrong way but that mole around
    your chin you should pluck the hairs out or cut the hairs. I just wouldn’t
    want anyone making fun of you because of it it’s just friendly advice :) ?

  5. tallchickjen

    Very pretty! You asked for requests- I would love to see a tutorial or GRWM
    using one of the Flower cream shadows and the Naked3 palette together and
    also an updated foundation routine. Thanks!?

  6. Melissa Gingerich

    Does your husband live with you now? Are you going to make the guest room
    a nursery??

  7. Liz Belcher

    Kai LOVE the eyemake up but it would be nice if you brush your hair before
    filming your dandruff is kind of distracting but still you look very lovely

  8. Meghan Hable

    I really enjoy watching your tutorials and videos. I love this look. Keep
    it up and don’t let the negative comments wear you down! I’m a blogger and
    get my fair share too, so I know what it can be like! ?

  9. Kellquefois

    Siouxsie-Sioux is pronounced ‘Susie Sue’. Just in case you were curious :)
    I like this eye look on you, it really suits your eye shape?

  10. Lucija Bilaver

    Very nice!?

  11. Amanda Bryan

    Great video, Kailyn! The eyeshadow is beautiful :)?

  12. onewfever

    Lovely Tutorial, Kailyn! Also, I was just wondering but why do you say Kat
    Vondy instead of Kat Von D? It’s a strong, emphasis on the D!?

  13. jenny vee

    Same old boring look. Cant you try something different. ?

  14. Kailyn Marie

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