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Cindy overcomes her eating disorder by getting a flower tattoo on her ribs.

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25 Responses to “Miami Ink – Tattoo Virgin”

  1. Jessica Gonzalez

    We have the same type of stereo that’s in the background lol

  2. Dimas Gemilang

    BARCA niiihhhhhhh

  3. mish anwin

    I don’t know why people make such a fuss over ribcage tattoos, my first one
    was my ribcage and it really didn’t hurt much, it was just irritating, but
    I guess everyone is different with pain..,

  4. DaRabieskatten

    That looks beautiful!

  5. Duy Nguyen


  6. Tenzy Cabiles

    Like if you’re left handed :)

  7. sugarskullowl

    wow! thats intense man, wat do u do to feel less hot, nd at least its warm
    im more of a warm eviroment type of a guy, so id rather change locations
    with u rather than be here :)

  8. Manuel Vazquez

    Pretty good :)

  9. Kavziie Kavi


  10. Brandon Rijpert

    I took a risk clicking this thumbnail, it seemed to be hairy somehow.

  11. mike20923

    @microdork80 yeah get that and a fat penis connecting to your lips.

  12. zachary seffron

    wow no comments?

  13. Brog9

    long time no see

  14. voteme1n

    whats this? no comment woops my mistake

  15. TheKieshaKiesha


  16. afsheen07

    It is boring in the 40+ degree heat mate

  17. Rhiann4CimFamforever

    Lol, that like gotta hurt! It’s like jab your friend in the ribs. They
    jump! Haha, I would jump when he was doing it lol xx

  18. fidoryaka

    i’m fine, how are you?

  19. dave williams

    that,s not freehand

  20. Anon Ymous

    For a rib tattoo, she handled that brilliantly

  21. monkeylove2102

    why wont anyone ask me how its going?

  22. Carolina Augustyniak

    <fuck you too.

  23. sugarskullowl

    how are you doing

  24. That one girl

    i think he’s trying to communicate….. o.o

  25. ReazonSama

    thats always a honour to have free-hand tattoo… so amazingly done !

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