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Part 5 of Ep 8.

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25 Responses to “LA Ink Ep 8: Kat’s Gnarly Day Part 5”

  1. rab1888

    that a fucking cool tat,I’m Scottish and have my family coat of arms on my
    calf,so fucking ROCK on monty. Glasvages!!! Scotland !!!

  2. Eduardo Criollo

    those girls sre fukin HOT.

  3. TheTruth8906

    I’m guessing you’ve never been in a tattoo parlor.

  4. dumbjolly

    1:03-1:08 watch that part without lookin at the screen lmfaooooooooooooooo
    im so

  5. eKko0

    she wants to move from la to scotland what a step in the wrong direction

  6. ohcassiebaby

    She meant being a Tattoo Virgin…Nob.

  7. JokerKlownX

    Wow, where’s corey? Too many bitches

  8. danyellcobhc

    are you fucking stupid? irish people speak english.

  9. vonnikki

    dude i think its fuckin awesome its her family crest for god sake why the
    hell would she regret it?

  10. toothpickmassacre

    lol palm reader…burrrn! Thank for posting

  11. NightxAngell

    I know that weird faint-y feeling you get. It happened to me when I got my
    tongue ring. All the sudden you feel dizzy, and you can hardly see, and
    everyone’s voice is just a mumbling sound. It’s so weird, haha.

  12. Clare Burns

    there is actually a higher rate of alcoholism in Ireland than in Scotland
    by a mile

  13. bettiep

    Sigh…I so want a tattoo. And I want Kat to do it for me! Oooh wait, it
    looked like she WAS going to pass out. Yikes! But she made it through! Ok I
    think I can get one now.

  14. Queenloverforever20

    LOL its Scotland not Scatland hahahaha i hate the way no-one else except us
    Scots can pronounce the name of our country! lol

  15. pasalaska

    Frankie’s tat was amazing. Kat seriosuly rocks.

  16. GEOPAIH1234

    Who the hell can trace their history back to 1080? Comon really? Daddy
    probably just pointed at some random castle and said ‘thats our family

  17. mskinney

    what? why do you hate that? that’s who they are from their heritage. I’m
    half Italian/Irish from decent.

  18. mischevious3

    I agree it is quite funny XD hehehe

  19. dustynebulosity

    What’s the tune playing at the beginning? Anyone know???

  20. John Snodgrass


  21. Satine67

    It is beautiful! :O I love it.

  22. David Willis

    I live in dublin, we have to learn irish in school but theres only a couple
    of small areas where its actually spoken as a first language called
    gaeltacht areas. So most of us can speak irish we just choose not to,
    english is just easier.

  23. pixiepameleah

    ya but if your gonna do that you can all say we decend from africa in the
    paleolithic. you aint irish.. unless you speak irish fluenty and contribute
    to this country.

  24. mischevious3

    they played the song teenagers I love that song it rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. BPAR83

    i have a scottish crest on my nutsack

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