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Rapper Lloyd Banks from G-Unit comes to none other than Miami Inks Chris Garver for his back piece dedicated to New York City and his new album, Rotten Apple.

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25 Responses to “Miami Ink – Lloyd Banks from G-Unit”

  1. Jen Luna

    Dont like the gun and skulls overall looks good?

  2. Buddha Jesus

    banks was talkin his ass off while gettin tatted to help the show out

    but they cut it all out cuz it was a long ass back tat

    ‘s a good tattoo tho?

  3. Jen Luna

    Dont like the gun and skulls overall looks good?

  4. Wittealbino

    is it me or does that gun look a bit corny and cheap


    its the name of his album which was very successful…its not funny -_-

  6. Michael Newman

    @Pirtex2 it wasn’t finished you prick! that was the first sitting!!

  7. Rrrino43

    now he needs to put some muscle on to make the tatts look better

  8. MyMomSaysImLazy

    this is not Loys Bank’s youtube account you idiot, im so sick of Gipsy
    idiots on Youtube

  9. 2sexy4ubeaches

    The lettering is sick!

  10. trunkzdbz

    G-Unit is and will always be trash.

  11. grev

    just being specific lol

  12. Wayne King

    you’re a fuckin moron

  13. Diavian Smith

    lmao banks is light skinned. u make it sound like he is black as coal and u
    cant see the letters lol

  14. EfeKs2

    You idiots if you watch the full episode , the artist asked for an
    extension session his back was giving up on him so it wasnt even finished
    you scumbags.

  15. 91Krispy

    @ArugalSwe i was thinkn the same thing lol ..a statue of liberty can hold a
    gun n cash -_-

  16. ImNotDiabetic

    @entertainyoou yoou

  17. tylor luongo

    why the fuck duz it hav to be him and not fucking liek bushwick bill or
    sum1 from the geto boyz

  18. LostInOrbitOfficial

    @iluviex44 he isnt even that fat! hah

  19. Binho Mpire

    Here is my tattoo inspired tattoo rapper Lloyd Banks… My facebook Binho

  20. Giuss Sanzio

    the gun is so ugly ahhaha

  21. creforce

    art? hip hop is art? Bul***it! thats no music

  22. BUDA511

    Placaso uses black and white I prefer My tatts all black no color only
    black!! Cartoons the bomb nd loyd banks tatt sucks ass it wasn’t even

  23. peterdabest94

    i wonder who did 50’s back tattoo, that shit is awesome

  24. LatinBloodSouthSide

    really really bad lloyd u need to demand this assholes man lol

  25. Shapaz Ahmagad

    This tattoo is far from completed though

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