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15% off LA Ink at TLC Store* Dinu comes into the shop looking for a powerful symbol of her take-no-prisoners attitude despite her conserv…

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21 Responses to “LA Ink: Powerful Warrior”

  1. falitosis

    umm.. yeah I don’t mean to get in on this, but that comment you just added
    seemed kinda of childish…

  2. hooty hoo

    to each their own


    eat more food or be yourself…you know.thats not always a good thing lady

  4. fetobe69




  6. 872463051

    I’m pretty sure nobody in the business world is looking at her stomach or
    upper arm when she is at a job

  7. BrookeLucasLove4

    i agree, stuff on the legs is not the best, in my opinion

  8. aznxwarlock

    way to be original classmates had one so you had to have one

  9. yyyy2999

    i like them on the soldier blade on tthe back or my preferably on the should

  10. 13enJ4min

    Nice tattoo just would have been better in a different place… me
    personally i am not a fan of tattoos on the legs… arms and back are my
    favourite but nice tattoo…

  11. falitosis

    o ok. i like you, ur kind of cool. c ya

  12. emily jo

    @redstarburst9 i love you for saying that! i agree!

  13. PlayfulLaughter

    Good* tattoos* business* Never* tattoo* doesn’t* lifestyle*

  14. mxs703

    @aznxwarlock she was just saying like she had seen her classmates with them
    and she liked it, not like she was conforming

  15. Parqit

    I love ‘professional’ people with tattoos. I hate how society has deemed
    people who are tattooed as unemployed and worthless. Why should people have
    the hide them or not get them because of their job? It’s a question I ask
    myself everyday and I know the answer already but it still makes me tick. A
    person’s body is only the their business alone, no one else’s. Forcing
    someone to hide their tattoos or stare at them is 100x more insulting than
    the person even HAVING the tattoo.

  16. falitosis

    aww thnx. hey we should be friends. you can tell me about videos that you
    like or find interesting and if i find any cool ones, I’ll tell you..we’ll
    have a mutual online relationship (::

  17. Alisa B

    It’s so hard to find legitimate tattoos representing your heritage and be
    warrior-themed. I’m looking for Celtic, British, Italian, or Crow Indian
    warrior symbols.

  18. Suzieash82

    yeah what ever like the ones she has can’t be covered up by a business suit.

  19. LadyLilith777

    hey! I’m small… *sulks*.


    her tatt is fucking hot

  21. MoszHigh

    gl luck finding a job with those tats in buisness especially. never get a
    tatoo if it doesnt suit ur lifestyl

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