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Get more LA Ink at A skull and crossbones for Jeremiah.

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25 Responses to “LA Ink:Jeremiah The Pirate”

  1. aBagOfGruis

    not many people discust me but both of them comes close on this
    one….”warheros”?? They are in that courtroom for killing civilians(show
    me a case of someone being charged for warcrimes for killing an enemy
    combatant!) and its highly unlikely that a significant part of those kills
    was pure and utter misstakes that never could have been avoided. Sure that
    occurs,depending on how you wanto define “couldnt be avoided” but its such
    a small number.
    So fuck em both!?

  2. sean cook

    pirates of the caribbean

  3. Bethany G

    Considering people who have tattoos preach individuality and complain about
    being judged, saying he doesn’t look like the “type” to get a tattoo is
    incredibly hypocritical.

  4. YoYoCrazzzieee

    That doesn’t look like a real tattoo, it looks like the ones you get from
    the quarter machines. It’s freaking amazing, like it was a real picture all
    along and he just zapped it on his arm.

  5. hmood0909

    it looks like the embelem in Mw2 , I Know such a nerd 😀

  6. Leananshae

    Who goes to a tat shop in a suit?! I guess navy judge advocate generals.
    Definitely staged by the production crew, but friggin’ hilarious! Check out
    his face at 2:53… IT HURTS, MAN! Now, don’t cry! Pirates don’t cry!

  7. spitonmebeckbennett

    This Guy.

  8. rachellouise

    “well that’s a trip” haha Cory

  9. TheBaranek1994

    fajna dziara

  10. Harry Saunders

    proves that even straight edge office-looking types can get tattoos.
    breaking the stigma and all that. much respect for this guy

  11. SentientOmnimus

    He looks like Steve the Pirate….

  12. ??? ????? ?? ????

    and whoever is hating on this guys work is jus mad that they don’t do work
    this good!

  13. 2farjake2far

    errrrrr i hate tattoo on the shoulder!!!!!!!

  14. shinuradevil

    the girl that lying is waiting to be ridden

  15. frank1738rhcp

    I hate how everyone thinks just because hes in a suit he shouldnt be
    getting a tattoo. tattoos arent just for bikers and rockstars theyre an art
    for anyone. i completely respect him for doing this

  16. Mellow

    omg this guy does not look like he belongs in a tattoo shop lmaoo

  17. Zenia Lone

    I ADORE Kori’s tattoos!!! And Kat’s 😀

  18. xxcupcakepinkxx

    I love corey so relaxed

  19. narutofan966

    That dudes so vanilla.

  20. donletidiotruinurday

    that is kat at 4:05 :) i’m pumped to get a tattoo by Kat 😀

  21. BT1ZER

    @zainadlr I thought so too!

  22. reflexez772

    big business dude gettin a skull n swords

  23. GiftedNq

    looks a bit like the pirate guy in dodgeball

  24. awt00

    @Sammydiehexe tats are for everyone dude…

  25. Justo506

    pirates of the Caribbean logo? lol

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