LA Ink- Corey’s Vasectomy Posted by admin on January 27th, 2014 | Comments (25) |

Corey naturally feels conflicted about his upcoming vasectomy, but with his wife laying on the pressure, will he go through with the irreversible operation?

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25 Responses to “LA Ink- Corey’s Vasectomy”

  1. Dani Marsh

    the surgery is very invasive for a woman not so for a man.
    yes the surgery is reversable on a man but that does not mean that it will
    you still “jizz” u just fire blanks.

  2. Cody Rininger

    Why not just use a hanger if she gets pregnant?

  3. MsLibbyp

    Use a condom then!

  4. bipod11



    well say if he broke up with his wife and met someone else, he couldn’t
    have children with her so he’s making a huge commitment to his wife.

  6. 1945revolution

    lol, funny

  7. G-Wagon

    What a selfish bitch.. ”i don’t wanna wake up in the morning with another
    surprise” why don’t you take pills then?

  8. EnjoiCodyHarrison

    DONT DO IT!! You will never fire off nuckle children again. Get your wife
    cut not you. Not being able to jizz would suck

  9. TheAppleThieves

    These can be reversed, haven’t these people seen Scrubs?

  10. mxs703

    @NightxAngell well pay close attention to the first 50 seconds of the video
    he says “the fact that i have three babies now we’ve been talking about me
    getting clipped, fixed” the key word is we,, when a man says we it usually
    means his wife.. then his wife straight up says she has to bring up the
    subject and then from 0:30 to 0:42 he makes my point

  11. lindiny


  12. TheBigboy46

    @lindiny vasectomy people, thats the best way to go. i had one when i was
    20 years old.

  13. NightxAngell

    @mxs703 -sigh- i wrote back and said so because you obviously didn’t get
    the hint. Seriously, be mature and let it go.

  14. mxs703

    @NightxAngell you said “correct me if i’m wrong” and you were corrected so
    stfu… did you not see the parts of the video i highlighted seriously It
    was definately established that his wife wanted it done more also the end
    result proves my point he does not get it done.. watch the video please and
    fuckin pay attention you sound retarded… do i need to quote him and his
    wife for you or can you watch the first 50 seconds closely even read the
    damn description of the video…

  15. mycoolgoodvideos

    can someone explain to me wat is so bad about getting a vasectomy..i
    thought the good thing about vasectomies was no comdoms…but i really dont
    see wats so bad about vasectomys

  16. 2lizregan

    She could take pills, use condoms, and she could have the surgery instead!

  17. TeamStephenson

    for gods sake its nothing to do with manliness, its a simple procedure with
    no knife, no stitches and it removes nothing! for women its a very
    complicated and risky procedure, thats why its easier for a man to do it.
    You lot have some strange ideas, it does not make someone any less of a man.

  18. KezNezzxDexKlutz

    @DGSAVOID the whole point is so they dont have to use them, also the pill
    and condoms aren’t 100% effective even when both are used

  19. young7m

    why does he have to get a vasectomy ? why doesn’t she get her tubes tied !!

  20. hype236

    @delightracardeanne both my parents got (lack of better word) fixed. my
    dads recovery didnt take that long. my mom, lets say she swore and yelled
    at everyone and stayed drugged the entire time.

  21. XooBeautifulMommaooX

    @delightracardeanne – It’s 2 days recovery, my hubby did it and went back
    to work on the third day, provided he was walkin like he rode a horse for
    12 days but, it was do able.

  22. Matthew Biggers

    @pimptastic13 Yep, costs about about $1,200 though.

  23. hospitalcakewalk

    @delightracardeanne who cares who its less or more painful for, the point
    is to get neutered or spayed so you stop littering the world with kids that
    people dont want around. jeeeeze.

  24. NightxAngell

    @mxs703 Well “we” does not mean his wife, it means both of them. As I said,
    it was never established that it was his wife who wanted no more kids. And
    if they decided mutually that Corey was the one who should get fixed, then
    no one here should be having a problem with it. One reason being, as I
    mentioned, a vasectomy is a much easier procedure.

  25. SaraSam

    She should have considered getting her tubes tied. That isn’t permanent
    either. She can get them tied and if later in her life she wants another
    child, she can go have her tubes untied.

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