Corey Taylor on NY Ink – Full Clip (HQ) – Slipknot 2011 Paul Gray Memorial tattoo Posted by admin on January 23rd, 2014 | Comments (25) |

Full video clip in high quality from Corey Taylor’s appearance on NY Ink. Getting a memorial tattoo for Paul Gray from Tim Hendricks. I uploaded this because…

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25 Responses to “Corey Taylor on NY Ink – Full Clip (HQ) – Slipknot 2011 Paul Gray Memorial tattoo”

  1. Al Fernandez

    I know how this feels.. My best friend died too, I got his name tattooed
    underneath my arm. Out of all the ink on my body it’s my favorite, and the
    most meaningful.?

  2. Noah Boersma

    Respect for corey?

  3. PlatypusGuitar

    Metalheads have feelings too. Corey is an amazing person and so was Paul.?

  4. CowboyBuffaloMufflo

    I hardly ever show emotion cause I’m a depressed cunt but I teared up a
    little. I love slipknot ever since their first main album. I don’t really
    have a best friend or any if so but I can feel Corey’s pain and it was an
    honour to watch this video.?

  5. Rafael Recinos

    anybody know what the song is at 3:14?

  6. Boxenblooper

    Shitknot is music for trailer trash and mentally retarded teenagers. ?

  7. BoomerSooner

    I started crying while watching this also. I would hate to lose my best
    friend. I feel bad for Corey.?

  8. Andreea Lucy Nedelea

    #Tribute to Paul Dedrick Gray
    I cryied at the end with Corey when the tattoo was almost done. A beatifull
    tribute if you ask me…?

  9. JasonGuitarHand

    I know I’m late… But Happy birthday legend. May you live many more years,
    enjoy the beauties of life, and you make incredible music. ?

  10. Chris Sciberras

    his wife Stephanie is my cousin. One of the coolest things ever to have one
    of my idols in the family.?

  11. Christina Polowczuk

    This video makes me cry EVERY time I watch it. RIP PAUL <3?

  12. Morgan Jewell

    never saw this until now. and i thought him breaking down when he sang
    Snuff in memory of Paul was sad…damn. R.I.P.?

  13. Vilde Sårheim

    This made me cry, Paul you are truly in all our hearts <3?

  14. Jennifer lynn Messelt

    If you ain’t got nothing good to say don’t say it= from a maggot = I can
    make bitches cry?

  15. ronaldmcgodamned donald

    boxenblooper i hope your kids get aids?

  16. xoxLiLBeastxox

    I can relate to Corey’s pain because my best friend committed suicide :(?

  17. DanielNCRS

    What’s the song that starts at about 1:45??

  18. DarkFear12

    Slipknot forever \m/?

  19. ALtality

    i’m crying?

  20. Marthia Bielschmidt

    Paul Grey shall be missed. Stay strong Corey. We all loved him as you
    did…hopefully Paul will stay (sic) in heaven~?

  21. caleb teague

    im 6 ft 220 and i cried like a bitch…its things like this that make me
    miss my father?

  22. Samantha Enriquez

    Rest in rock paradise Paul Grey!!! Corey I give you mad props for this

  23. Fajar Wibawa

    Everyone ever felt lost someone who close with them. Let’s fight, buddy.?

  24. Tara Foster

    For starters. I really miss Paul Gray. He will always be one of the best
    bass players ever. He could make that bass sing and talk at the same time.
    That’s just how remarkable he was. And what Corey did. To honor Paul’s
    memory, by getting that tattoo of him. It was just true friendship and
    honor among friends. Paul will always be in my heart. RIP Paul. And as for
    Corey,I’m very glad you are keeping Paul’s memory alive. PEACE, LOVE , and

  25. Buckshot530

    This is exactly what I want to do for my late brother. Just have to find an
    artist that will do as good of a job as Tim then come up with the money.?

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