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2012 TLC Tila Tequila Gets a New Tattoo on Reality Show NY Ink.

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25 Responses to “NY Ink: Tila Tequila”

  1. mikeymike hanna

    ” how big do u want it ? ” oh yeah….i see what he did there :)?

  2. Laglemamu'g Gjiga'qaquj

    lol X2 smaller…
    isnt that just half??

  3. mikeymike hanna

    lol, im an arab, and im very sorry to tell u that what is written on her
    back does not in any why make sense dude ! it’s like google translate went
    reverse, thats fucked up, do some real research before u wirte any foreign
    language on ur body and make sure it is spelled right ! im sure there’s
    alot of people walking around with tattoos of chinese menus tattood on them
    but they think it says ” eternal love ” lwhen it actually says ” eggroll ”

  4. Soona Duhaiby

    what she wrote in Arabic DOES NOT MAKE SENSE!! It’s so wrong!! the words
    are in wrong order…?

  5. jasonROXcarlySUX

    classy? u work in a tattoo studio, Jess.?

  6. Daniel Vasquez

    Lol dumb bitches these days.. Oh good for sucking?

  7. bubbleteakun

    what did she write in arabic??

  8. rockroyaltymc


  9. synsam12345

    What’s the name of the chick that they look at naked? The one that isn’t
    Tila, of course.?

  10. Mohammed Jaffar

    im arabic and im telling u he wrote a bunch of bullshit on your arm loool?

  11. jJobs Profi


  12. bitingontinfoil

    *I* posed nude! NO! No, don’t google it! *giggle* REALLY! Don’t look!!
    *giggle*. Sigh.?

  13. bitingontinfoil

    “Do you want it that big?”. “Ummmm…times two smaller”. WTF?? LOLOL!?

  14. Criss anas

    the arabic words are in the wrong order, she got here self a wrong
    translation :p

  15. Natale Strachan

    I have an arabic tattoo and going on my second one today I personally know
    quite a few people and friends that can speak the language before I get it
    tattoo on my body

  16. Furinkazan20

    So Tila Tequila literally is “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” 😀

  17. Anil Datheputhe

    You will understand that painful point when your nephew (who’s been a loser
    forever, I have to say) gets a jaw-dropping woman to fall in love with him
    in a couple of weeks?! Absolutely, that basically materialized. I believe I
    ought to be pleased for him nevertheless I wish it was me. He revealed that
    he learned from the Cupid Love System (Search for it in Google). I want to
    hide out inside a cave as we speak…

  18. kuro san

    What did it say btw?

  19. cooldesertknight

    The wrong way she had it done said (word by word) : ” For death they were
    born been we were continue and life ” , LOL. I have no idea how she got
    that none sense.

  20. Devyani Gupta

    what does it actually say?

  21. mirvha714

    sex sells.

  22. Bradley Himmelberger

    Hey is Kasey Jordan single ?

  23. Droga Shabu

    wait what happen to miami ink? i know there’s LA ink but NY ink?

  24. ali west

    ami james is so hot!!

  25. hostilityy

    ooh really? please tell me more.

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