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Este video no fue creado por mi ni me pertenece. Los derechos son de People & Arts. Con subtitulos en español. Partanlo-

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25 Responses to “Frank Iero LA Ink”

  1. maikeru01

    @MilenittaTS2 I’m not okay. I’m not okay-ay-ay-ay-ay. I’m not
    okay-ee-ay–ay-ee-ay-ay! Yes, I’ve heard their shite music.

  2. Gummy Iero

    jakjkaja °-°

  3. Fer Sabor a Caffé

    zziiziziiz Graziiazzz xDDD zi miz doz idoloz juntoz *O* Kat & Frank!!
    thankz ^^

  4. farfrequency

    Aww, graaacias por subirlo acá (LL).

  5. MissComplain

    Que le pasaba a la mina, le dicen ‘quedate un rato con Pixie’ y se va,
    hsdfjgd ES FRANK IERO BOLUDA! Hajaja que buen cap <3


    thee adoro frank.. graax por zubtitularlo enveerdaad ok. me voy ¬¬ -MCR-
    haztaa la mueerte

  7. Laura Cortés

    i like it!!!!!

  8. la4pogona

    sube massssss plis

  9. darkestnight128

    Haha Frank’s always perky and funny….he’s great lol

  10. maikeru01

    As a drummer it’s insulting to hear the guy from My chemical romance talk
    about musicianship. you are a popstar and your face goes on t shirts for 13
    year olds to buy at hot topic. you can’t play 4/4 punk beats and claim you
    are in it for art rather than for money. every drum beat you play is
    simple, they all sound the same, and your entire genre completely lacks any
    semblance of dynamics or creativity so fuck you. that said, kat did a great
    job. she’s amazing at portraits.

  11. elmismokeviste

    una puta makina,tatuadora de lujo

  12. Pía Alejandra Rivera Tamata

    @EduardoG94 she could make amazing tattoos, but she doesnt know a lot of

  13. Mriexox Dway

    Miss dos amoores juntooos!!!! OMG!!! los amo …..odie a lamujer q no sabia
    q frank era d MCR!!!! ¬¬

  14. Aarabalaa


  15. mcrrockstar101

    haha! i love frankie ^_^ he’s all flexing his muscles and stuff. xD

  16. Ignacia Iero

    Es tan lindo lo amo! con toda mi alma Frank!!<3

  17. Paula Elena

    Frankie es tan lindo.. tan simpático, es por eso que lo amo *_*

  18. katrina hanson

    @maikeru01 you do realize frank isn’t the drummer, right? if you want to
    make a valid argument dissing a band, do your research first, dipshit.

  19. EchelonLovesKilljoys

    Dios, me encanta que sea tan amable, enserio :)

  20. MaRiiNaPuNkRoCk

    que estupida es esa mina pixie! que no sabia que frank era de my chem? ahh
    que boludaa por dios!! jaja me mata que frank queda re chiquitito al lado
    de su guarda espaldas xD como lo amoo por dios!

  21. Jenna Budgell


  22. SindyStraccion

    Kat speaks spanish? O_O

  23. Víctor Muñoz

    por favor sube mas subtitulados en español!!!!! jajaja graciasss

  24. elbas tardo

    @SindyStraccion kat’s mom is argentine and she born in mexico i think

  25. Cocaína

    @SindyStraccion yup

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