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25 Responses to “=Sephora Haul!= Kat Von D, Stila, Clinique & More!”

  1. danger0usperson

    girllll you are always shopping! both those palettes are gorge!!!?

  2. pinkiecharm

    I had my eyes on that Sephora palette but sooooo many people have commented
    at how fragile the shadows are, and many that their palettes arrived with
    the shadows broken. Glad to see yours is in one piece but it seems like a
    rather fragile palette so be careful! <3?

  3. Vivian Silva

    ratings off… people who put thumbs down are haters…..?

  4. SullenxRiot182

    Glad you like the Pantone palette! I’ve been using it a lot, all the colors
    are awesome 😀 I never really liked Sephora brand shadows until they
    reformulated them, they all seem to be awesome now.?

  5. ItsDianaSkye

    The Buxom lip glosses are my favorite :) ?

  6. Mommabee britt

    The lighting looks great :) that’s my favorite moisturizer!! ?

  7. MCrz2000

    Please do a review on the sephora palette. It’s on sale now and I would
    like a review before buying. Thanks. ?

  8. Mikeala Dugre

    I really love that packaging on that first palette u showed. Im a sucker
    for cute packaging ?

  9. Jenna Reynolds

    Love the Stila liner!?

  10. Valerie Switzer

    Love your make up in the video! Lighting is fine. Great haul!! Hope all is
    well.. on Friday I will be 30 weeks and am super excited. I am still
    getting stuff for our baby.. and also waited until we knew the sex..?

  11. Juliana love

    I also have two kids I I got them done they give you a mask or go to cvs
    and get nail polish or the nail they sell at drugstores ?

  12. Alison Bingham

    I love the clinique moisturizer! I recently bought the clean and clear gel
    moisturizer and it works so similar but is much cheaper! I definitely love
    it and consider it a ‘dupe’!?

  13. J Lamm

    Also take the ratings off disgusting people just thumbs down to thumbs
    down. Shame on you people”(?

  14. Shenean Pulliam

    Thumbs down on having ratings on!
    Thumbs up to ur pretty face !!

  15. cassie5611

    Yeah I would just disable them, they just thumbs down for no reason. I love
    kat Von D makeup, I love those lip glosses too and my favorite is princess
    it’s such a pretty purple pink it goes well over so many lipsticks. ?

  16. How Doi

    Why did you stop reading names on the Radiant Cut palette?
    Also, haven’t you ever heard Sublime’s Santeria lol??

  17. Maiisha S

    The lighting was great, enjoyed watching the haul : ) ?

  18. Gina Fredericka

    Hey kailyn! I wondered if you ever considered doing a 14 products to use up
    in 2014 or a similar video? A lot of beauty gurus are doing this in order
    to use stuff in their collections! Just a thought! Have a great day :) ?

  19. dianadistress

    If people are going to continue to be rude and down vote you for nothing,
    you should leave them off, maybe test it out and open up the ratings on
    your newest video to see.?

  20. Angie English

    Hello Gorgeous…. You have a very awesome personality and I look forward
    to your Tutorials. You don’t have to listen to anyone on how you spend Your
    funds, that is Your business. Keep on Being You :) ?

  21. EyeDreamOfShadow

    Ahhh, can’t wait for tutorials from these palettes!!!?

  22. Kristen Simpson

    Hey!!! Great video girl?

  23. Brittany Presslor

    I’ve tried that charcoal Origins mask (I bought the full size), and it
    didn’t work that great for me. It wasn’t bad, I just didn’t notice any
    difference in my skin after using it. But be careful, it’s messy! I did
    like the Buxom gloss, however. It isn’t too sticky and the peppermint is a
    nice touch.?

  24. ForeverBrittanyx

    the lighting looks fine.?

  25. youngandthetasteless

    I’d love to see a tutorial with the Pantone palette. It looks beautiful.?

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