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25 Responses to “Kat Von D Foundation Review”

  1. alona Duncan

    Addy looks so much like her dad.?

  2. abbysworldcloset Dro

    Welcome back!! You look stunning, and your hair is perfect!! ?

  3. lifejourney2bnatural

    Your angled bob is gorgeous on you! Your daughter is such a doll. Great

  4. desiree hunt

    You make me wanna go back to relaxer/dye my hair black and rock a Bob just
    like that!!!! :)?

  5. balance512

    You’re so pretty, love your hair like that!?

  6. ElusvOptmst1

    Happy New Years and welcome back! Addy is so pretty and adorable.?

  7. covergirl2008

    I don’t like any foundation that transfers to much?

  8. theodora norteye

    Make a vid with u n Justin n addy(:?

  9. Childress Giles

    Natasha your hair is gorgeous. Love the style and cut:-) Happy New Year to
    you and your family!?

  10. MzPrttylilMagnolia11

    Girl I missed u so much <3?

  11. saultrysista

    Love the bob!! ?

  12. Betty Davis

    Beautiful. I love the hair :)?

  13. indy5225

    Hi ,, i have really oily skon , do u think this fondation is for me ??

  14. TheNikkimonique72

    Natasha you look HOT girl!?

  15. PiNKySHoTBALLa

    Natasha can you do a skincare routine please.?

  16. thegypsysoul

    I have bad acne scars and I’ve been looking for foundation. I’ll definitely
    have to look into this and give it a try.?

  17. Noelie Ahoussou

    I love your hair!! Can you do a hair routine ? Thank you. ?

  18. tr3sish

    Addy’s so cute! I can definitely see Justin in her now. ?

  19. evann1621

    Addy is so big she’s beautiful!!, oh no what are you guys going to do when
    she’s all grown up XD ?

  20. trace0407

    Do you think this foundation would be fine for oily skin??

  21. Dulce Candy

    Oh gosh I’ve always wanted to try this foundation I hope they have my
    shade….shade matching is my downfall lol?

  22. Mageeelovesfrank

    I shall try the foundations now :) ! Btw, your hair looks sooo nice :)?

  23. ShizukaRose

    what lipstick are you wearing? :)?

  24. Jasmine Michelle

    you are KILLING that bob! love it so much?

  25. ShizukaRose

    Awwww Tasha I miss your videos and vlogs :((((?

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