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A video game tester comes in for a portrait of his best friend…his kitty.

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25 Responses to “LA Ink – Kitty Tattoo”

  1. Inked Up Chester

    Brothers and Sister in Ink!?

  2. AlbaLp95

    I actually thought about catching a plane to LA before I thought about how
    much a tattoo would cost!

  3. muylst

    @iNUMEROUNO1 FAG why?

  4. AsianScrotom

    He has some rad ink already.

  5. davidlo83

    @hype236 true

  6. Nazgull123


  7. Number 9

    @NYCindustries haha i dont know what im gonna do when my squeakers dies ;(

  8. FelicianoCookie

    @shadow light It was Valentine who died in a house fire, I think Ludwig was
    attacked by another animal and died from his wounds the next day. Poor Kat
    was so devastated…I lost my cat in a similar manner (wild animal), I was
    so upset.

  9. mellowpuffify

    Kat has a crazy bond with her cat, so she understands


    WTF is that blue thing inked on his leg next to that cat? hahahaha oh man!

  11. middy444

    Why isn’t the sound working? ¬_¬

  12. Suzy Toledo

    Wow she is awesome when it comes to portraits :)

  13. Cheesus

    Kats so strange… I love it :)

  14. KED870

    Kat’s cat looks like a hairless rat

  15. TheRapingClaws

    wow thats amazing

  16. IwarnU1617

    i would call this a stupid tattoo but then i remembered that whenever he
    sees that he will remember the memorys with his cat so thats good [:

  17. TheMajor909

    I bet he gets laid EVERY night…….

  18. ali landeros

    that is fucking awesome

  19. SilverPheonixOwl

    AWww! HE has a Chao on his leg. <3

  20. hannah233921

    i love it at the end when him and kat are in mid conversation and he goes
    “Yep, Bye” waves awkwardly and walks out haha


    It’s nice to know kat has a hairless pussy

  22. Chris Rob


  23. izreor

    kat is such a baabe 😉

  24. Stonemeister

    Video game tester whose best friend is a cat? Forever alone.

  25. tjtank20

    dude i would get one if i had a cat or a dog =)

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