Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Foundation Review + Demo Posted by admin on January 14th, 2014 | Comments (25) |

OPEN FOR MORE INFO Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Foundation http://www.sephora.com/lock-it-tattoo-foundation-P311138?skuId=1398858 ****They have Deep 74 as the darkest shade on the site, but…

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25 Responses to “Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Foundation Review + Demo”

  1. D lewis

    The sell ir at ULTA…?

  2. En*Hans (pronounced Enhance)

    Loved your review of the product!?

  3. KISSseventyseven

    I love this foundation. Great video !?

  4. Rose Kimberly

    I so want to get this foundation now;) Thanks girls?

  5. ForeignnBarbie

    Yay (:?

  6. Olive Garriques

    I am nc 50 in Mac studio fix fluid, I would like to try this foundation, so
    what color would you recommend ?


    what polish is on Kelseys nails??

  8. kisakye92

    I worked at Macy’s cosmetics. If u think 35 is affordable for Kat von d
    than u actually can afford the” high end” estee, Dior, and Arden. Not
    Chanel tho. I could be talking about my discount prices but I’m pretty sure
    it’s all similar prices?

  9. ani c

    More reviews! I just wanted to ask did the foundation look different off
    camera? It almost seemed too dark and orange toned. Is this because the
    limited color ranges, or did it actually match? ?

  10. sweetlitlangel

    I like the format you guys did for the demo?

  11. jordyn neal

    I luv ya so much and I want to be just like yall!!!!?

  12. pagette30

    Excellent explanation ladies ;)?

  13. trendyshoppers

    Love your videos and both of your hairs are to die for! You guys really
    inspired my sister and I to make our own YouTube vids:)?

  14. SingDea

    Kelsey, that lipstick is everything!!!?

  15. Ashley Lynn

    Omgosh love this!! I need this!! It does come of orange but blends in sooo
    well wow!! Sold!! ?

  16. BeautyNinjaSev

    you guys really have beautiful skin, may i recommend using Makeup Forever
    Face & Body Foundation, its sheer buildable coverage & i believe it’ll be a
    lot better for you guys than that Kat Von D — that type of product in my
    opinion is too heavy for such young skin like we have & some of the
    ingredients can cause premature aging?

  17. Bree Corley

    Y’all wear all y’all foundation well but I personally think that the KVD
    foundation does look slightly cake-ish compared to the others… I know
    y’all get bored with your foundation so why not use different stuff but any
    hoo, love watching y’all videos. God bless.?

  18. Jocy

    Do vlogs guys.

  19. Bree F

    Kendra is so cute lol?

  20. dominica bennett

    I just started really wearing foundation. Are sponges not good to use for
    makeup application? I’ve been using like a bag of 20. ?

  21. Portia Harris

    Hey how do u girls feel about the bb creams ? ?

  22. Saeeda Williams

    I know y’all are twins but kelsey you are so pretty?

  23. brianna hatch

    Kelsey I love your scarf and I love this foundation too! ?

  24. Tiana Davis

    I’m so happy you guys did this review! YES?

  25. Amber Williams


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