(re-uploaded) Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Foundation Review & Demo Posted by admin on January 13th, 2014 | Comments (25) |

I purchased it at Sephora. **PLEASE VISIT http://www.MorganJoyce.com FOR ALL OF MY LINKS/INFO** **Disclaimer – This video was not sponsored. I purchased all …

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25 Responses to “(re-uploaded) Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Foundation Review & Demo”

  1. ilymorgannn

    Let’s hope this shit works this time..?

  2. ShannonMarie Kennett

    Wow, your skin is so beautiful, well, you’re so beautiful, i also have
    extreme problems with my skin, it is so flakey to the point you could peel
    it off (mostly in my eyebrows and around my nose, etc) i’ve used almost
    every moisturizer known to man, but then once i use moisturizer, it gets my
    skin to greasy and i become one big spotty mess, also i get extremely red
    itchy bumps (allergic reaction) from almost anything and i change
    everything to the most “delicate” types of moisturizer and foundations etc,
    it’s so bad i’ve stopped wearing make up for 8-9 months and i still can’t
    find anything that works, please please please, help me! ?

  3. LoverGurl77983

    I’ll warn you now, this foundation i had to return. I had the same problem
    which you fear. This probably can be corrected using other products but it
    indeed gets greasy from the sweating in the summer time or worse, while you
    work. I suggest using powder foundation cause they are so sheer & absorb
    oil. I’ve tried revlon mineral powder & its my most favorite one. It
    doesn’t hurt my sensitive, combination skin.?

  4. Anna Leyland

    Do you ever find your piercings get irritated if you accidentally get
    makeup in them? A couple of days ago I must have got some foundation or
    something in my nose piercing because it’s being a bitch -.-?

  5. Michael B Massin

    I only have one question about this foundation…. Does it actually cover

  6. palebite

    That is the best thing Ive ever heard someone say about their extensions.
    “Oh you can see my extensions. I think you’ll be okay” LOL?

  7. DartagnansDream

    now i can watch this thank uuuuu?

  8. MrsGuz08

    i dont know if its the camera or lighting but i think you don’t need
    foundation at all, ofcourse, my opinion doesn’t matter to you XD but it was
    a compliment?

  9. Sorsha Schneider

    Could you make a video about your sew in extensions? Your preference on
    them, how long they last, how the up keep is and such? I have been
    contemplating sew in extensions for a long time but I can’t find a good
    video to help me with my desicion. Thank you!!(:?

  10. Itza Alvarez

    What kind of foundation can you wear when it’s summer? (I live in the
    Caribbean and it’s always hot over here. I use Clinique powder (My grandma
    loves them and I have to use them and I think they test them on animals). I
    always seem to get rid of the foundation all the time. It’s annoying me. ?

  11. Katrina Katastrophic

    Thank you so much for re-uploading it :D?

  12. lanney halsey

    Much better!! :) ?

  13. Cecilia Chrisman

    Could you do a video about your extensions?!?! like pros, cons, how long
    you’ve had them in, if you have hair loss at all!?! please!!!?

  14. Peyton Duncan

    +IdaAndersen yes it does work! kat von d had a photo shoot of it where she
    put it on herself all over her body and there were no traces of tattoos

  15. Kimberly Jackson

    I’m not gonna lie, it was a bit funny when you poked your eye. “UH.” XD?

  16. Tiffany Geiler

    Is Kat Von D’s whole makeup line cruelty free? I can’t find any info from

  17. Ida Andersen

    I would love it if you could do a video using this fondation on a tattoo,
    to see if it really covers it up :)?

  18. Angie Quinn

    I thought it was only meant for other parts of the body that have tattoos.
    Guess I heard wrong. •_•?

  19. slntbtch

    how long did this foundation last on you so far? Because I also have
    problems with “long-lasting” foundation.?

  20. Jennifer Armstrong

    Hey, video suggestion/request. Could you possibly do an all about my
    extensions like from current micro links past extensions and micro link
    care and upkeep? Thanks xoxo?

  21. Jordan Seabright

    I want this so bad :)?

  22. Jaime Brown

    You honestly don’t even need the makeup. You’re super gorgeous without it,

  23. Diana Lion

    you are soooo cute <3 ?

  24. HeyImVivi21

    Is it vegan??

  25. Anna Stewart


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