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Steve walks into LA Ink with an idea for a tattoo in honor of his beloved first pet, a very regal-looking cat named Buddy.

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25 Responses to “LA Ink – Tattoo Stories”

  1. eskasonithomas

    thats cute he loves his cat i love my cat to

  2. chiloecko

    he actualy has a youtube account

  3. Fiore Troncone

    kat von d is so cool, id love to meet her in person. she seems like she’d b
    fun to hang out with

  4. Serenityblu23

    @knaveofhearts15 i know i want one just like that!

  5. AzuraVonDorian

    @atfatw That is one of the most ignorant things I’ve ever heard.

  6. Jonathan Chu

    @atfatw Also, psychologists? how many psychologists do you actually know
    that have said those words? The discipline, although respected, is
    constantly changing. The wonders of the scientific method. You place your
    apodeictic faith in a psychologist’s words without any consideration for
    the possible fallacy in their conclusions. This makes you very ignorant.

  7. YunaQQQQQ

    1:43 naaaw so cute the cat is! ^^

  8. Jonathan Chu

    @atfatw Another choice example of prejudice. In your case, it seems that
    you just don’t like the aesthetic nature of tattoos, if thats the case, why
    do you bother watching the videos? Secondly, do you not have the capacity
    to appreciate and empathise with another person’s choice? It seems that
    your “age” has set you across this cultural divide. (“I have been
    interested in pyschology before the time you were born”). I hope that one
    day your mind will open up, even just slightly.

  9. JanessaBessBeauty

    @atfatw Why would tattoos become illegal. It’s a cultural practice that has
    been going on for thousands of years. That’s like saying peircing or tribal
    scarring should be illegal too. They are all different cultural practices
    done for many reasons. Some for aesthetics other as a tradition. Tattoos,
    peircings and scarrings have often been used in ceremonies of adulthood all
    around the world. Grow up and learn a thing or two before you speak.

  10. rubbererobin

    Kat is fcking Pro

  11. 5596857

    i am going to l.a this weeken i jus going 2go to tha store n meet her lol

  12. AzuraVonDorian

    I know that what you are saying is completely closed minded and I also know
    that you don’t even have the “adult’s maturity” that you are claiming to

  13. NightxAngell

    @atfatw you’ve never even heard of a hairless cat. LMFAO!!!

  14. ZodiakAsHell

    First time i liked an advertisment xD

  15. xXBlackTeddyBearXx

    @atfatw I know you must want yours. :]

  16. MLSal106

    hes gotta chao next to the cat! lol

  17. momo m

    @atfatw so they bitch about pointless baby bullshit to make themself feel
    better about themself. now heres the part where you call me stupid, a dumb
    teenage or insult art or kat von d since your uncapable to make value
    points about tattoos, instead you call them unnecessary and call the people
    who do this amazing artwork ‘dopey’. is this all you do all day?

  18. bumspew

    @atfatw What the are you talking about, its art. Since when does expressing
    yourself make you shallow and immature. your the one searching these videos
    just to slander people

  19. Falyna Gates

    may i know which episode does M shadows(avenged sevenfold) appear?

  20. SadKetchup

    kat is sexxayyy (thumbs up if you agree) (:

  21. SadKetchup

    @Bentley949 how is that a fail. cuz i didnt care about the story. lol.

  22. FortMetallica

    She loves her hairless cat because it’s more unique to her, leave Ludwig

  23. Jonathan Chu

    @atfatw In fact I can intelligently describe why I have gotten tattoos. To
    me, I have a religious faith, my tattoos mean much more to me than to most.
    I do not get tattoos purely for aesthetic reasons, it has a deep resonance
    for myself. If you were actually responding to my comment or knew the
    history of science/psychology, you would understand that those conclusions
    you made “based” on scientific evidence are possibly fallacious. Your
    comments are riddled with your own prejudice and not fact

  24. jdmordie95

    i have her autograph 😀

  25. MrSandmanx0

    The episode of LA ink with ronnie radke mad me lol so much

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