1st Impression : Look : Kat Von D Esperanza Eyeshadow Palette Posted by admin on January 12th, 2014 | Comments (25) |

Open Me ‘n Watch in HD! All the products on my face will be listed below :) I was anticipating the release of this palette since Kat Von D leaked a picture o…

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25 Responses to “1st Impression : Look : Kat Von D Esperanza Eyeshadow Palette”

  1. Kat MomD

    Your highlight looks amazing in this video….glowing! ?

  2. LadyLuluOnBeauty

    Glad you finally got it and that you’re happy with it. First time a KVD
    palette isn’t moving me. The colors look like almost any brand’s Springtime
    palette. You’re right, maybe the color is not coming across on the screen.

  3. Joshua Creel

    A transformer shade is supposed to be layered over a dark shade, over skin
    they’re usually pretty blah sadly, work well as highlights though?

  4. Blurred2291

    I see the other makeup case in the back!!! getting excited for the
    collection vid :)?

  5. elle rye

    Your foundation is always always flawless perfection. ?

  6. LaCherieJo

    I just bought mine, so excited for it! This palette reminds me of a spring
    afternoon <3
    Thanks for the review!?

  7. Charlene Bindernagel

    Did you get anything from the Dior and Guerlain spring collections? The
    lipsticks looked so gorgeous. I’m still waiting on my order but want to see
    swatches lol. Thanks for the reviews!?

  8. Miranda Turner

    I love the look you did with the Kat Von D palette, it is beautiful! I just
    picked mine up today at Sephora when I was out shopping with my mother and
    friend. The colors are amazing. Thanks for the video doll :)?

  9. shamzmakeupartistry

    Your makeup looks really pretty :) xx?

  10. bebebadkon

    Gorgeous as always! I cannot stop staring at your beautiful skin! How do
    you get your foundation to look so perfect? I’m quite a bit older than you
    but was really interested when you talked a bit about using honey in your
    skin care. I would love a more in depth video on that. Thanks for the

  11. karina delpozzo

    Girrrrlll!! I can’t wait till you do a makeup and storage vid… Your a
    tease !! Lol jk jk please do one!!! ??

  12. TaylarRawr

    It’s true that you are absolutely glowing in this video! Love the entire
    look. I also loooove how honest you are, no matter how much you personally
    love a product or brand! :)?

  13. amber nolte

    girl I will never understand why u put eyeshadow in your inner crease and
    lower inner browbone lol but it always ends up looking good.lol love ya?

  14. fortheloveofmakeup68

    You are just amazing. I really enjoy your review and tutorial. You are just
    xoxo Gina?

  15. Alli brookes

    I just subscribed tonight and I’m loving watching your videos so far. Xo
    from NJ?

  16. MzSanchez87

    Really pretty look:) I actually don’t really like the colors. But let me
    tell u that I’m definetly gonna buy it for the package I absolutely love
    it.. I’m a sucker for packaging.. Lol xoxo :)?

  17. Nays Place

    Beautiful look!!?

  18. mcuriel2008

    Love all ur reviews…do you have a makeup collection video would love to
    see…once again love all ur videos?

  19. TheMermaid1986

    Thanks for sharing!!! The shadows look amazing on you. I am definitely
    going to get this palette ?

  20. EANDM71

    No, YOU will be the end of my bank account! LOL!! Love this!! Still eyeing
    the MAC warm/neutral palette. Sigh…?

  21. Katie P

    Thinking about this palette and the lady bird palette. Have you done a
    tutorial using ladybird? I’m curious about it.?

  22. carebear9179

    Love the video girlie. I wonder if u could use the transformer shade with
    the holiday palette too? Have u tried it out? I’m going to pick this
    palette up tomorrow at my sephora and I will test it out too. Love u tar

  23. Cbouchard4

    Can you do a make up storage video. What are the blue and pink boxes? Are
    they tool boxes??

  24. All That Beauty With Lori

    I think I need this palette in my life!! LOL?

  25. MakeMeUpSara

    this palette reminds me if the sephora disney palettes but half of it?

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