Corey Miller Does a Dragon and Tiger Tattoo Posted by admin on January 10th, 2014 | Comments (25) |

Corey Miller Does a 7 Hour Tattoo of a Dragon and a Tiger on LA Ink.

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25 Responses to “Corey Miller Does a Dragon and Tiger Tattoo”

  1. NYItaliano89

    The tattoo is awful lol, the Tiger looks like Tony the Tiger from Frosted
    Flakes, and the Wurm oops i mean Dragon, doesnt have any detail too it.?

  2. Nagem1617

    Corey tries to tie his own style in with asian styles. It’s his thing, and
    the guy wanted him specifically

  3. Anita Bonghit

    pfff, what a loser, i guess some people would even get a tattoo by buying
    milk. “Oh yea i´m soo gonna do this, nothing ca stop me now, cause i got
    this tattoo… ridiculous, it´s not a tattoo that let you forget about a
    bad relationship

  4. FDB

    Its alright. Doesn’t look that asian though. I wouldn’t trust others doin
    an asian tat but an asian themself. If I wanted like skulls and w/e then
    I’d go to other

  5. simon Young

    I’d sure as Hells trust Cory Miller to do it LOL

  6. sebastian grimaldo

    thats fkin nice

  7. AfricanH3ro

    I’d definitely have to fall asleep if I got a tattoo. Staying pretty much
    motionless for 6-7 hrs? Lol, I can barely handle staying still for 15 mins.

  8. matthewmp111

    Bad ass tattoo!

  9. NYItaliano89

    Looks like Tony the Tiger, frosted flakes hahhaha

  10. jamesinkeys

    Some days you feel like a tiger,and some days you feel like a dragon…..

  11. he asfwga

    they needed at least one good artist on the show.

  12. ahronical

    aaaaaaargh!!! How incredible!!

  13. Vincent Striglia

    skill rapping SKILL

  14. florencelovme

    lol! Thats what I thought.

  15. longluvedrappers


  16. 14murdoc88

    best blk gry ever!! he is a fucking beast!!!!!!

  17. kai boonmee

    life tatoo

  18. copsondonuts

    tats look like shit. guy has friggin green arms lol

  19. scarsofyourheart

    Fuck Yes!

  20. Herdzkieboy dc

    fuck you edgar/copsondonuts!!!

  21. Hatter Reeves

    That is way to cool i got a tiger tatt my self after a hard divorce i can
    tottally relate baadasssss man

  22. Edgar Villa

    That’s stupid lol

  23. llAkuTsUll

    AWESOME !!

  24. Trevor Miller

    Corey’s a fuckin boss

  25. Cairy Hunt

    ADHD much? Try doing some 14 hour meditation

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