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15% off LA Ink at TLC Store* Even country music can rock a little when Emerson Drive comes in for a group tattoo after their first number…

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25 Responses to “LA Ink – Emerson Drive Group”

  1. tdp1117

    LOL! Danick looks like he’s about to pass out! I love this! :)

  2. Nick Czapiewski

    going to see them perform tomorrow night!! :)

  3. xxxglamourbabexx

    @ollydoggy same!

  4. tdp1117

    Treaty, I respectfully disagree with you about what these guys did. All but
    2 already had tattoos, and this was a great way to bond them as a group. It
    showed unity. Plus the guys got very tasteful tats that they are not going
    to be ashamed of in 20 years. And the band’s initials are ED not EM.

  5. alvagingra2

    3:26 wtf is that? lol

  6. tdp1117

    This episode is still on my TIVO and I love it! Danick got the coolest
    tattoo. And he is so proud of it. You could tell he was nervous too. I love
    this. Great times! :)

  7. Szczepek PL

    Beauty is relative. All said.

  8. 123colors

    i love this show!

  9. Shannon E.

    i love this band and their song moments is absolutely amazing

  10. ajn0094711

    for something tiny like 200 and i mean about an inch

  11. 12ilovesky

    Hahahaha, they’re from my home town.. fuck my life..

  12. Treaty4

    My mistake. I meant to say ED. Yes beauty is relative, so my opinion has
    not changed. I still love them as a group, that has not changed. I have all
    their cds. But I still hate the tatoo.

  13. Emmelover21

    My moms boss likes owns them

  14. Mikeyc2k6

    Brad sounds like Dave Chappelle’s impression of a white guy, this cracked
    me up lol

  15. Treaty4

    Sorry, but what I said still stands. Just because it is an old form of art
    does not make it beautiful. And the women look like the pits. They could
    have bought custom-made rings with their band initals and a 1 or they could
    have gotten a chain with their EM#1 in solid gold. But I guess with a tatoo
    they don’t have to worry about someone stealing it.

  16. BabyDahl325

    I wish this show would come back-\3

  17. wirklichdoof

    emerson drive rocks. especially their song moments :)

  18. Wendy Quirk

    Great vid, I just saw ED last night and I did notice some of the tats on
    the guys, then to run accross this vid, it is super cool. I love Emerson
    Drive, they all rock!! We remember and miss Patrick. Life does go on.

  19. Treaty4

    Sorry for the typo. Emerson

  20. Ben Clark

    haha i hope she did , thor sounded like a dick

  21. azdalewedfan

    A great way to commemorate our first number 1 song.

  22. Harbert Egberts

    what if they split?

  23. Treaty4

    It is nice that you have tattoos you are happy with, but I don’t see
    anything unique about looking like everyone else. This has become a
    nauseating conversation. I am done talking about Emeroson Drive’s need for
    doing this.

  24. funbagproductions

    haha me too

  25. payrycja

    jakos mi nie przypadlo to sudio do gustu… wole jednak miami ink i mysle
    ze kat lepiej tam pasuje.. ale reklama La ink jest fajna 😀 :)

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